Full Version: [news from the home page] Two weeks to the Inheritance
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Mellow the Minstrel

Two weeks to the Inheritance

The first edition of the Robin Hobb/Megan Lindholm collection The Inheritance will be published in the UK 31st of March. This is a hardcover edition with dustjackets illustrated by Jackie Morris and it is the only hardcover edition of the book, as the May release in the US will be a trade paperback. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy yet, you can do so at or
For more details about this publication, visit the PlentyWiki.
I am assuming Mellow is actually Mervi, just announcing news items etc from the home page in a minstrel-like fashion...just had to say though...I love it! Big Grin
Mellow the Minstrel is the username of an automatic feed that grabs the news from the front page and posts it here. But yes, I thought borrowing a 6D minstrel's name would be appropriate.
This is a feature that was requested by some users last year and I'd be happy to hear what you guys think of it - you can reply to these posts if you want to or just ignore them.
(The reason some of the posts by Mellow have been disappearing is that the script has a problem and it kept going backwards in time, posting things from last October and I had to delete those. Hopefully that won't happen again!)