Full Version: POVs you would like to have read (spoilers all books)
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I have to agree, Fool's mind is best left alone..too much information and complication in there for my liking.

Now it may sound odd, but a Regal POV would have been interesting, if not very pleasant. That young man had issues! Brings out the amateur psychologist in me P

Patience would have been a good one. Not as daft as she made out, that fact, a smart woman underneath all that dither! And Chade, I think, him being another bastard and all.

Then again, we wouldn't have the full lowdown on the Fitz we know and love, if he hadn't narrated it.
I think if Fool ever had a POV it would have to be very cleverly done so as to retain as much mystery as possible. Melissandre's POV chapter in ASOIAF comes to mind.

Also, it is possible to write a first person POV without giving away the gender of the narrator. Examples include the children's book The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler which I read as a child (up until the last page the gender is not given and the reader assumes the narrator is a boy due to their behaviour/best friend being a boy etc. only to discover at the end that Tyke is in fact a girl) and Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson, where the narrator's gender is never given.

Having recently read the RWC I would like to have seen a POV from Sylve, plus one of the other dragons (don't mind which) - I enjoyed Sintara's but the dragons all had such distinct personalities that it would have been interesting/fun to see their view of things. I was glad that Carson had a POV section eventually (even if it was only to confirm what we already knew - that he was a nice guy & adored Sedric - it was still nice to have it in writing), or I would have included him on my list as well.
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(Mar-04-2015, 10:58 PM (UTC))Jizdin Wrote: [ -> ]I think if Fool ever had a POV it would have to be very cleverly done so as to retain as much mystery as possible. Melissandre's POV chapter in ASOIAF comes to mind.

The Fool came to mind first but as I think about it, I rather enjoy knowing Fool through Fitz's eyes. The Melissande example by Jidzin is a great one! If there ever was a Fool POV I hope it's only one chapter - one chapter that reveals a lot but rest of book continues to keep Fool a mystery.

Outside of Fool, I think I would like to hear from Chade (how ambitious is he? How ruthlessly is he using Thick to stay young?), Nighteyes (how dumb humans are!), Carson (who is like Fitz in physique and character but gay) and Kettricken (particularly how she feels about Fitz... always thought there were some feelings there...). May like to hear from Patience... she's always so forthright and outspoken anyway, that her true thoughts might not be different from what she says. Maybe Molly (did she really love Burrich or was she just being practical given she was penniless, homeless and has a young child to care for).

I think that there are some feelings there too from Kettricken. I have thought that since Assassin's Quest and Verity's death or even a little before that that Kettricken is a little in love with Fitz. She protests to believably when Fitz says that he is not good looking in both AQ and in Golden Fool.

Now that Molly is dead, I think that Hobb will explore that a little bit. Would be a good time to give her a POV, but in the end I like having a single person narrative from the Fitz. So maybe just keep it as it is.
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