Full Version: [news from the home page] Robin Hobb's Australian book tour starts
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Mellow the Minstrel

Robin Hobb's Australian book tour starts

Robin Hobb is currently in Australia to promote her new book, the collection of Hobb&Lindholm stories called The Inheritance. Here's the schedule:
3rd - 4th of April in Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane
6th of April a reading & signing session at the Dendy Newtown theatre in Sydney
8th - 10th of April in Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Melbourne

For more details on times, addresses and ticket info for the events, check out the official appearances calendar, the Supanova Supa-star guest page and the info gathered by Farseer over at our forums. Also keep an eye on the newsgroup for last minute updates on possible coffee shop meetings!
If you want to share your memories about meeting Robin (recently or earlier), email memories (at) theplenty dot net or come visit the forums!
Hmm, damn. If I had checked this sooner i could have met Robin at Super Nova. Undecided

live and learn.
Oh, no! Fate was against us, Liquid Ice!!! Down

I tried to send you, RH and a friend from the Newsgroup an email while away but they all bounced back. In the email I told you the dates etc and gave you my mobile number so we might catch up, either just us or with Robin.

You hadn't been on here since the floods so I was also worried that a) something had happened to you, especially as you hadn't even responded to posts about RH coming to Queensland! and b) if you were okay, then you may miss Supernova and the opportunity to meet Robin.

If I'd been at home with proper email access, and if the one email I tried to send you all hadn't bounced, you would have been alerted sooner and we might have got to meet!! Slurp

Yes, live and learn...I certainly learnt my fair share of lessons from my trip away also!!