Full Version: "First, let me introduce you to yourself" (Beware RotE Spoilers)
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(Feb-21-2011, 01:09 PM (UTC))Nuytsia Wrote: [ -> ]You can have the fun of re-reading them all in future in order and realising all sorts of surprising things!

So true, and I think it was Lord Punctual who read the books in a similar order to you, Lady Laura, so she often had a slightly different (and highly beneficial, I might add!) perspective to share.

In fact, I am sure that also having only read certain books allows for a greater concentration on a specific topic when posting eg you can chat about Liveship topics without pulling in threads from elsewhere! P I tend to speak of things within the whole mix together (as per my previous post, and a gazillion others!), and sometimes forget the importance of looking at one issue or topic just for itself. Actually, I think I am getting beyond the ability to compartmentalise anything in these books! Big Grin

Happy days!
Whatever happened to Lord Punctual ???

Oh yeah good point Farseer about bringing a more specific focus when you have only read certain ones of the books! I find myself in knots sometimes!

Lady L bring on the strange opinions! We even have a special thread for it now I see!
Greetings all,

I'm Athena and I belong to the John Howe official website forum. I was recommended to read the RotE by John Howe himself! My favourite trilogy is The Liveship Traders, and you can probably guess which is my favourite character Big Grin
I am a self-taught fantasy artist in training (I'm only 17). I made the switch from manga art to fantasy when I saw John Howe's artworks. My favourite artwork of his is "The Mad Ship", because even before I read the books I fell in love with the tortured liveship. (well, fell in love in the same way that the Fool/Amber loves Paragon - not like a human obviously).
I also love the character of the Fool - personally I am unsure about his gender and sexuality, but I don't care because I think the myster is what makes him/her so fascinating
we'come to these forums... It is nice to see new fans...

Nice recommendation you had for the series... These beings like it.

The cover art given for the mad ship by John Howe is one of the better indeed. Unlike so many series, the cover art fits with the story. These beings are always annoyed whenever they read books whose cover artist has obviously never read them before drawing.

Welcome to the forum! Big Grin I love those versions of the covers too, those were the versions I read Smiling
these beings also read them under those covers.

Unfortunately most of the other covers given have significant errors.
One version seems to have the ships with a draconic figurehead... Others appear to give them incorrect clothing style. One version even has winthrow in broken-off chains... At least 'thul believes it is meant to be him.
Well met, Paragon-Athena!

Yes, Paragon was a favourite of mine as well. Smiling Like you, Lady Laura and the 'thul beings, I, too, read (and own) the John Howe versions of the LST and especially liked the cover for 'The Mad Ship' (though I know next to nothing about art, and have even less talent!).

I look forward to possibly (hopefully?) seeing some of your artwork in our Arts & Crafts thread! Clapping
Oh, yesterday I saw a calender of John Howe's work in a bookshop! I knew immediately from the style of drawings who's work it was Big Grin And I finally bought the Farseer and Tawny books too! I had to get them second hand, but they are in pretty good quality. But I am just missing book 1 of the Farseer trilogy, I have to go search for that now P
(Feb-26-2011, 03:51 PM (UTC))Lady Laura Wrote: [ -> ]And I finally bought the Farseer and Tawny books too!

Yay What FANTASTIC news, Lady Laura!!!! I am so excited for you! Yay

Feel free to start a Farseer/TM Predictions thread so you can keep us up-to-date with where you're at and what you think is happening or is going to happen. It may provide a secure place for you to offer your own progressive spoilers, as you work your way through, but nobody else else can contribute spoiler responses...we just have to sit back and read. I did one up for a Gernian thread and found it heaps of fun and very interesting when it finally came time to go back over my thoughts when I'd finished. Up to you though! Smiling

EDIT: Deleted link to free publisher's copy of AA as it was a limited offer only - sorry!
Welcome Paragon-Athena!
Lady Laura congrats on the books! I just recently bought the Farseer trilogy books and I JUST bought the Liveships books which I have just started re-reading. (I originally read them all as library books).
I bought Fool's Fate as a secondhand book, but then I found out I could buy the books new for the same price!! ($8 each)

I wonder about the covers too! I am reading Ship of Magic - I think this is the US cover:

[Image: 72px-Som_us.jpg]

Who are these people even meant to be?
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