Full Version: "First, let me introduce you to yourself" (Beware RotE Spoilers)
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The flesh is weak etc. I just ordered CoD and BoD in Dutch.
Ah, joost! Clapping Big Grin
First of all, thank you for all the sweet welcome messages! Smiling
Valarya wrote:
Quote: How how HOW can a translated copy be released before the ORIGINAL version!?
On her site she explains why. . By the way, i had a question. I wanted to add some new characters to the wiki, but am i allowed to do that if it would seriously spoiler LST en the Rainwild Cronicles? thanks Smiling
Thanks for that link to Robin's site, Cara Vestrit - you saved me a job trying to go back and find it! Thankful

As for the wiki, it is assumed that any who enter there do so at their own risk, knowing that they may come across a range of spoilers (of various magnitudes!) at any time.

As well as discussions in the wiki itself, we also have a couple of discussions on here, including [split]Ideas for what to work on in the wiki, regarding things we're working on in the wiki if you'd ever like to post and let us know what you're doing there (for those who tend to come to the forums as a first port of call) eg you may like to tell us when you've finished an entry and ask us what we think of it or if we have any suggestions etc. Either way, it would be Yay FABULOUS Yay if you could add some new entries for anything you see missing, or if you would like to flesh out some things that are not much more than the basics.

Before beginning it's a good idea to read the Help page if you haven't already and also the Projects page so you can see what others are up to. I have been ever so slack and hardly find enough time to come on here let alone get my wiki entries done!

If anyone comes across something that they feel could be an error in the wiki, feel free to check back with the rest of us first (as a coterie we should be able to confirm/deny if it is truly an error if it isn't obvious from the text?) and then the error can be fixed. Obvious errors can be changed as you see fit.

Have fun and THANKS - contributions of any kind are very much appreciated! Flowers
These beings would suggest adding some sort of note above parts that come from books yet to be published in English, but otherwise any additions should not need any sort of tagging.

Oh, and these beings welcome thee to theplenty, Cara Vestrit.
I know that the wiki is often updated/added to as soon as the books are released (depending on how keen we are!) with no thought to spoilers but I'm just checking in with Mervi, re tagging within the wiki for CoD and BoD, as I'm not sure what's happened in the past when previous Dutch versions of Hobb (or possibly even Lindholm) books have been released prior to the English ones...

Thanks 'thul! Flowers

Hi Cara Vestrit Smiling

I'm pretty new here too but looking forward to chatting more in the future!
I'm Gielske (actually I'm called Jenny, but Gielske is my nick among friends) I discovered Hobb years ago through the tawny man trilogy. I read a lot of fantasy and listen to more since I can keep my ipod with audiobooks on a lot of times during my work..

I'm Dutch (although all my books are in English) and work as a dog trainer in an animal shelter where I usually work with the "trouble dogs" to help them overcome there fears and/or aggresions.

I live with my boyfriend and our shelter adopted Malinois called Honey.
Welcome to thePlenty, Gielske... we're so glad to have you here! Grouphug

Jump on in to the discussion and stop by our brand new Dutch sub-forums as we have a few other Dutch members here as well. Clapping
I had noticed the Dutch section. But there is only one topic and only 3 messages including mine.
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