Full Version: "First, let me introduce you to yourself" (Beware RotE Spoilers)
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I own and have read the Inheritance(signed by Robin ^.^), and have been trying to get my hands on the The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince; the others, I hadn't even heard of P thanks !

However, I was hoping to expand myself out of this universe and into Robin's/Megan's other novels/series Smiling

As for a favourite character, well, I find myself relating to Fitz a little too much, I admire Verity's ideals, aspire to Nighteyes view on the world; but in the end I would have to say it's a toss-up between Shrewd and Burrich Happyballoon
It's hard to pick a favourite though, they are all quality characters; even the villains!

May I ask your favourite(s) ? Smiling
you may.

There's no single favorite, but for the humanoid ones, its quite possibly Thymara. Reasons are various. Not sure which dragon / other creature is the favorite among those. Might be Paragon, might be Spit or even Mercor.
Spit ! Now that's an interesting favoritism, I'd be interested to hear your reasons behind it if you're happy to share Smiling

Paragon and Mercor though, both high in my list Smiling
Currently reading Blood of Dragons too, so that always helps a characters standing on my list P
Spit has guts. He's got the spirit dragons ought to have and he's not afraid to show it.

Oh, and in some ways Relphda is also a favorite. (partially due to the book you have yet to read, but also due to earlier events.)
A fair point. Smiling Guts are always a good thing to have, literally and figuratively.


Oh, and
Welcome to thePlenty, luckheart! Slurp

As the 'thul beings said, most of us here are a bit obsessed with the Fool, myself included. P I also love Wintrow and Kennit (though I hate putting their names side by side for obvious reasons, haha).
Cheers valarya Smiling

I must say, I did quite love Wintrow's transformation as a character; especially in relation to Kennit's own transformation - as we became aware of it.

Also, how can you not love the fool ?! P
Welcome to the board, Luckheart! Smiling

...slightly belatedly. Apologies. I live in the ROTE forum and don't tend to venture out much P
Thanks Smiling

Hardly something I can hold against you, I'm sure ill be much the same soon enough :p
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