Full Version: "First, let me introduce you to yourself" (Beware RotE Spoilers)
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Hi nettletea and welcome!
I agree with joost that Farseer, Liveships and Tawny Man is a good reading order. I know it's a huge amount of books to include the Rain Wild Chronicles as well, but it does seem that Fool's Assassin is going to return to the world after the events of those (instead of, say, simultaneously with them) so that is the chronological order if you want to follow it. I'd say any of the trilogies/series works as a standalone and then you can skip back and forth between them because there's just enough referencing material in each to explain the connections... The only thing is that if you read them out of order you'll miss out on the joy of discovery and connecting the dots yourself.
I had entertained the idea of rereading everything through once more before August but it's starting to look a bit challenging... P Maybe we can form a schedule and a support group....
A schedule/readathon thread sounds like fun. There will be increasing numbers of Fanseers stopping by, new and old, with a view to re-reading or simply being ready for August.

What would a full read-through look like, between now and August? What would a 'lite' version of that readathon look like, for those with less time? Smiling
I've actually started a thread for a reread "challenge here. Since it will likely contain discussion on all books later on it won't be spoiler free but it's quite safe at the moment if you want to take a look.

I guess everyone's plan/schedule might be different. I'm currently looking at trying to read a story or a book per week and in a few weeks we'll see how realistic that is. Wink I think the lite version might be reading the Farseer trilogy and the Tawny Man. Or one could just reread the Rain Wild Chronicles to get back to the latest spot on the time line. I guess the "safest" things to leave out are the short stories, because although they do provide wonderful insights into the world they don't include much critical information on the big plot lines except for "Homecoming" which recounts some of the early history of the Rain Wilds.
Hi, I'm Marcherlady, I first read LST many, many years ago, then found the 6 F&F books, and read the RWC as they were published. I sat down to do a re-read in March and was halfway through Golden Fool when I heard about the new F&F coming out in August, I had forgotten just how good RH's writing is.
Yesterday I was trying to remember when I worked out the 'link' between Amber and the Fool, and it occurred to me that there must be a forum - and here you are! And here I am.
I started my reread of the first RWC book last night - though I'm trying to pace myself and read other authors in between RH to get me to August. If I have to, I'll start on Soldier Son again - but I find reading those pretty hard going - I think it's that the character of Nevarre is written so well that I end up putting the book down feeling unhappy because of how he is being treated... but then I seem to remember feeling about Fitz like that sometimes on my first read, but it not being an issue on subsequent reads, so I'll have to think about it.
Hi all you new folks, lurking there in the shadows! Come and grab a pink sugar cake from the table and say hi. Smiling
Hi. I am from Singapore.
I really enjoy reading hobb's works.
Hello everyone,
First, I want to thanks Marvi for this forum. This is my first post so please be lenient Wink
I discovered Robin Hood by accident and fell in love with her books. I know... I'm a true fan !
I like her writing style, the characteres she creates and, of course, the story ! She introduced me in an other world with it own politics, problems (a lot !)...
Since I discovered this writer, I can't stop myself to read Blushing

SORRY !! It's MERVI !! I was a little stress by posting something on a forum. Moreover I'm FRENCH, so it's not easy for me to write something in english... Even so I'm SORRY !
Well, I'm here because my English teacher asked us to post some reflexions on a subject. That's whay I chose this forum : it is clear and understable (even for me!). But the most impotant reason is that Robin Hoob is my favorite writer and I want to know what people think of her books. Moreover I want to know if she has the same success in other country than France. Detective
Fotgive me if I'm doing some spellings mistakes. Ouch
Hello Eiluje and chongjasmine and welcome!

Please do not worry about mistakes or errors - many of us are not native English speakers and we're not letting that stop us from talking to each other!
I have just finished Fool's Assassin and it felt like going back to my home town, I love the characters so much! Can't wait for the adventure as we find out where Robin will take us this time. I am grateful there is somewhere ie the Plenty. net where I can read/discuss with like-minded followers.
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