Full Version: "First, let me introduce you to yourself" (Beware RotE Spoilers)
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Welcome all!
Sorry for not having written for so long, but I had problems with my internet at home, and at work it's a bit difficult to write...
(May-06-2009, 03:16 AM (UTC))BuckBear Wrote: [ -> ]this is my (still unfinished) discussion of the analogy between the Wit and homosexuality. You're welcome to disagree with me - it's just how I see it, because it's my thing.
I like it, although I hadn't considered the analogy between the Wit and homosexuality before reading your post. I am not so sure that the Skill forms a good analogy for heterosexuality. Although considered socially acceptable within the Six Duchies, the Skill is a mysterious art practiced by a small, elite group and can only be acquired through intensive training. In contrast, heterosexuality is common as muck!
Hello everyone Smiling

I'm new here, but really glad to have joined this forum. I'm Italian, one of those who have created the Robin Hobb Italian fansite, Blood Memories. I'm obsessed with Robin's books and I'm constantly on the Plenty looking for news and updates. You really do a great work, Mervi: thanks for everything! Smiling
There are no many things to say about me. My name's Barbara, I'm a quiet and smiley person, very lazy, just a bit fool, I study Astronomy and have a passion for cats: in my family there are 20 ones, all of them saved from really bad situations. Helping troubled animals is my main interest, and animals are the only thing I love more than my books. :shy:

So, here I am. Wink
Welcome Barbara!

Another female Robin Hobb fan. Surely Hobb is good enough to bridge the gender gap, but I only count 4 guys on the forum (me, maulkin, Changer, and BuckBear). I'm not ashamed to say my favorite writer is a girl, but I am slightly embarrassed to read the Ship of Magic triology in public...
Hi Barbara!
From where in Italy? OO
@Chris: you can count my boyfriend Icefyre, if you want! Wink
But seems that girls have much more good taste in liteture than boys... P
Thanks for welcome! Smiling

(May-19-2009, 03:18 AM (UTC))chriSchaeffer Wrote: [ -> ]Another female Robin Hobb fan. Surely Hobb is good enough to bridge the gender gap, but I only count 4 guys on the forum

On our forum we have 7 guys, so one-third of users are male. But you're right: girls rule! P

(May-19-2009, 07:31 AM (UTC))Tintaglia Wrote: [ -> ]From where in Italy? OO

Wow, another Italian! Big Grin
I was born in Calabria, on the Ionian Sea, but I live in Bologna now.
Hello Barbara,

I don't speak Italian but your site looks very pretty!
Heya fellow Hobb fans! P

I've been lurking around this site for ages. And the updates are great! Cannot wait for the new books!

Anywhom, I first discovered Assassin's Apprentice about... hmmm 2003-ish when my friend was almost begging me to read them. (No-one else in my whole school really read large fantasy books so she always forced them on me. At that current point in time i was busy reading some other books, I think either Dragonlance or something Tamora Pierce so I kind of forgot about Robin Hobb for a while.
Then one day a few years later I was in a bookshop and remembered that my friend had told me how good these books were. So I bought one and was instantly addicted XD
Needless to say that The Realm of the Elderlings books have now become my favourite book series to date.

Oh and more about myself for anyone who can be bothered reading:
I'm from Australia and I lived on a farm till i was 18.
I moved to the city (Melbourne) about 1 and a half years ago to go to university and study Games Graphics Design, I always laugh at how I grew up on a farm yet I've become a nerd. P
Anyways, I want to become a Game Designer, covering everything from The storyline of games (of which the quality of has rapidly declined nowadays,) and gameplay.
I also love drawing and writing too P Infact I have a Deviant art if anyone is curious.

Phew, I think I wrote too much. But oh well, I enjoy rambling. >.<
Hello Zanio,

I am indeed curious. Show us your Deviant art!
That's it.
Haha, hope you guys like it!
Oh and if anyone else here has a deviant art I'd like to see it! Inspiration is great from anywhere.
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