Full Version: "First, let me introduce you to yourself" (Beware RotE Spoilers)
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So, although I'd had the first book sat on a shelf since it came out, I only actually started reading them in January this year, and yesterday completed the 16th book in the Elderlings series... Three months solid in that universe has been great (there are some aspects that annoyed me, but the stories were great overall).

Having suddenly come to the end after being immersed, I wanted to find more, and so discovered here, and now say hello.

Hello Akkuze, and welcome! It's a bit quiet here these days - people still come and read but don't comment so much anymore. Feel free to jump in and reply to any old threads or start new ones if you want to try to get the discussions going again.

16 books in 3 months? That must have been a really immersive experience! Big Grin

I've recently discovered the captivating world of the Six Duchies this past September when a co-worker placed "Assassin's Apprentice" in my hands only to have me two weeks or so later at his throat for the next book. Great was his grin and simpering smirk to find out just how obsessed I'd become with it (he KNEW this would happen!!) and I was livid when he took a few days off on holiday, leaving me crawling the walls to find out what happens next because I'd completed the first book over the weekend and thought I'd have the next book by Monday. Much to my chagrin I had to wait an agonising four days! I practically devoured the second book and Mark very wisely brought the final book in the trilogy with him and told me he had it in his desk when I was ready for it. Big Grin

I've decided to read the books in a very odd order, which would probably make a lot of you wince, as it did Mark: I've begun the Fitz and the Fool trilogy and I'm currently reading the first book, "Fool's Assassin". I like knowing how things are going to unravel. I can't tell you how much sleep I lost during "Assassin's Apprentice" especially during Fitz's torment by Galen and his being dumped near Forge, then all the other cataclysmic events that befell him. I do wonder why Robin Hobb made him such a whipping boy! *lol*
I was first introduced to Realm of The Elderlings just over one year ago, while shopping with a friend. I'm not sure why, but Ship Of Magic sounded really interesting after reading the synopsis, so I purchased it and quickly fell in love. Once I had finished the Liveship Traders, I searched online looking for a sequel only to find that I had started reading from the second trilogy in the series   Whistling . From there I went out and purchased the Farseer and Tawny man trilogies. I binge-read them until it was time for the rain wild chronicles and finally the fitz and the fool. Once I had finished reading the entire series, I became obsessed with the lore and backstory, so I scoured online forums to look at what other fans of the series thought. I eventually came upon this site and lurked for about six months until I finally decided to make an account to reply to a thread, only to have someone accidentally turn my computer off while I was typing my reply, so I gave up on that. That is all that I can really think to say, I hope to see you all around! Big Grin
I always love hearing stories about how people have found these books!
Hi all! Here from reddit. 

I’m a new convert - I started with Farseer, moved on to TM, realised I’d read the books in the wrong order and now I’m in the middle of Liveship. Loving the amazing female characters/protagonists in Liveship.

Welcome to the forums, Mistrali!
(Jan-02-2020, 10:56 AM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome to the forums, Mistrali!

thanks! Looking forward to participating more when I finish the whole series!
Hi all. I'm newbie. Nice to be a part of this community!
Hi there! newbie here! Robin Hoob's books are amazing so I'm really glad to be part of this community so we can have great talks about her stories.
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