Full Version: "First, let me introduce you to yourself" (Beware RotE Spoilers)
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Hi. I finished reading the Tawny Man Trilogy for the second time some weeks ago, and have been feeling 'antsy' ever since. I eventually decided I might as well indulge my obsession for all things Fool related and join up. This site keeps me sane.. P:
I've been hanging around this website for some time now.. and I really like it here so I just signed up..
I'm a fan for quite a few years now and I'm totally addicted to The Realm of the Elderlings books since I've read The Liveship Traders trilogy (reading all 3 books cost me less than 2 weeks).
I love writing.. I'm always working on stories.. and I've written two (unfinished) novels during NaNoWriMo.
Hello Smiling

I've just read the Farseer and the Tawny Man trilogy within a month.
Now I'm waiting until my friend finishes the Liveships.

Now I'm infatuated with the fool.
As apparently almost everybody else is.

My nick shows my other great passion and my birthyear.
Welcome trekkie75! All the way from Germany. Cool!
Yeah Smiling

My English is a bit rusty - just point out when I'm not making any sense. Wink
Hello, my name is Elven Smiling

I'm from Australia and I have just finished Tawny Man and am just moving on to Dragon Keeper now! Im very excited Smiling

I'm Joost, from the Netherlands. I found out about Robin Hobb in 2001, when my brother gave me several books, because I was living in an apartment without TV or internet connection at that time, so I had plenty of time to read. Among those books was 'Assassin's apprentice'. I was immediately hooked, and the other two Assassin books and the Liveship traders trilogy followed very quickly. And now, whenever a new Robin Hobb book is published, I will buy it, preferrably the English version, because I prefer reading books in their original language.

Other writers I enjoy: Mary Gentle, George RR Martin, Clive Barker. I also like graphic novels, eg by Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, or Bill Willingham.
Welcome to the forum kevin!
Welcome all new members Smiling
I have just reread the 3 trilogies and found an error!!! In Tawny Man 2 - Golden Fool - It states that Malta is Althea's sister!!! NO. Althea is her aunt.
Oh dear - has RH got her continuity wrong?
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