Full Version: "First, let me introduce you to yourself" (Beware RotE Spoilers)
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Here's where you can say hello to everyone else and write a couple of sentences about yourself, how you found Hobb's stories, how obsessed you are, how you found here, links to your homepage/blog/myspace etc and whatever else you want to tell us about yourself. Smiling
Hurray! Finally I don't have to use those silly newsgroup discussions! Thanks so much for setting this up Mervi.

I found Robin Hobb's books by accident one day while browsing and all other authors have disappointed me ever since. I recently met Robin in Austin, Texas and I'm eagerly awaiting the next trilogy.
RE: "First, let me introduce you to yourself"
This is so exciting. Thanks to Mervi for introducing me to this amazing author and her work.

Talloakslady is my name on this site. My work is as a theatrical costumer--it sounds more exciting than it often is.
Hey everyone. After my failed attempts to break into the newsgroup circle, I decided to finally give in and sign up here. Wink Thank you, Mervi, for making such a fantastic fan-site and saving me the trouble of having to do one myself.

And I'm obsessed. I think my friends are tired of hearing, "Robin Hobb this, Robin Hobb that..." but they'll get over it. She's an inspiring author, and it's so hard to appreciate anything else after she's caught you in her web.

I keep a LiveJournal at
Greetings to you nTrader.
I am much the same as you; I continually 'talk up' Hobbs stories. Have you read all of them yet? I am just beginning the third series about 'The Fool.'
Hobbs writing skills have really impressed me. How she's managed to keep all of the little details straight is so impressive.
I took a chance and posted this thread some time ago. Some people have responded, while most just seem to take a look, and then go on with their lives.
Since you've selected nTrader as your name, I imagine you have liked the first series about our assassin a great deal. Weren't there some amazing characters? Loved, really loved Burrich, Fool, and Verity and his wife, and of course our hero!
I've read and adored all of her works as Hobb, though I'd have to say that the Liveship Traders was my favorite of the trilogies. I loved how everything went crazy toward the end of Mad Ship, and the book just started vomiting details. lol

The only work I've read so far of her Lindholm backlist is Wizard of the Pigeons, which was amazing.
nTrader, welcome & thank you very much for your kind words about the site. I'm constantly unsatisfied with it, because I can never find enough time to develop/add/modify things, so it's very nice to get feedback and especially the positive kind.

Can I please ask everyone to refrain from posting spoilers (that is, important plot points and revelations) in these "general" threads? If you need to mention something that might be considered a spoiler, you can just type
[spoiler]hidden text here[/spoiler]

(message edited to reflect the current spoiler tag system)

talloakslady, I tried to hide the spoilers in your message but for some reason couldn't get it to work. Maybe it needs to be done by the "author" of the message - I'm not quite sure how that piece of script works. Could you please try to do it yourself or edit the message so that it doesn't give so much of the plot away? Thank you. Smiling And feel free to start a thread about the Liveship books and continue the discussion there.

(That blue button is the default image that came with the script and it's very misleading. One of the hundred little things I need to work to change soon!)
I'm sorry, Mervi. I have removed the post.
Hello. I just discovered Robin Hobb about three months ago and have read the Farseer, Live Ships, and Tawny Man books and have just started the Soldier Son series. Needless to say, I am obsessed. I came across her books as I was browsing the bookstore and thought they looked interesting. Since then I have not been able to put them down or stop thinking about them.
Hello justkate.

Quick! Name your second favorite author! I've had a few bad books lately and I need some fresh ideas.
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