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Mellow the Minstrel

The Inheritance news roundup

What with Robin doing a lot of touring and the UK and US release dates for the Inheritance being so close to each other, there's a lot of buzz for the book online right now. Here are links for you to enjoy - let me know in the comments what I missed!

Here's a really great radio interview by an Australian radio channel, a nice interview by Dymocks (a .pdf file) and a reader's report from the Supanova.

At you can read excerpts from the stories in the Inheritance and if you're a US resident and have an account at you can request an Early Reviewer copy of the Inheritance and Other Stories (but act before April 28th!)

The UK edition is now also available as audio book read by Saskia Butler. You can listen to an excerpt and buy the Inheritance at
Thanks to Farseer for catching the Dymocks link! I usually try to credit people when I post things I didn't find myself but haven't been able to keep track on things like usual lately. (Not enough time on the computer!!)

I especially recommend the audio interview. It's always nice to hear Robin's voice and the interviewer was excellent - for once someone who had REALLY done their homework! Thankful
Here's another couple of links to recent interviews with Robin: French site, Kiss My Geek , and an Italian site, Sognando Leggendo.

Robin gave the links via her Newsgroup and most, like me, will need Google translate! Feel free to help out, Antebar! Big Grin
No time to really think about where to plonk this but, as it is another interview that you all may find of interest, here seemed as good a place as any for the time being! Big Grin

This one comes from a The Breathless Quilt blog, again sourced from Robin's Newsgroup.

Enjoy! Flowers

EDIT: Robin's comments regarding regional differences put me in mind of our previous discussions in the Voyages of discovery? thread.
Here's a tiny part of an interview with Robin during her trip to France (link provided on the Newsgroup). The segment is in French except for Robin's answer but you may find it interesting nonetheless?