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I don't know, if it is the right place for the news, but I didn't find a better one.

YES !!! I just found the information, that Dragon Keeper will be published in german translation in March 2012 (I was looking for that info for quite a while). The translation of Dragon Haven is designed, without a date.

Bad news – no hardcover, only paperback and the cover is absolutely dreadful !!! The publisher Heyne (Randomhouse) has adapted the covers of the latest german edition of the Farseer Trilogy (mysterious man in a wide red cape, which is blown by the wind. Seems to be a theme, which is very popular for fantasy at the moment. Here in Germany you find it on every second book in miscelleneous variations.) When I think of the wonderful dutch cover, or the UK one, which somehow refers to Alise’s drawings, I think, the german edition is a real shame !!!

But nevertheless I’m glad that they will be translatet. And I certainly will buy them. They are quite o.k. for the beach. I’m double glad, that I own the UK-hardcovers.
It's the perfect place finella! Smiling
I actually thought I had posted about this in the main news page, but then remembered I just mentioned it over at the official newsgroup. Shows what happens when I don't have enough time to run this place properly.... Anyway, finella, if you could link me to the cover image (or perhaps even add it to the wiki page?), I'd be happy to write a piece about this for the main page. Smiling
That's fantastic news for you and others chasing a German translation, finella! Yay I have such a deep respect and admiration for those of you here who have English as your second or third language....from the posts, one could never guess! Flowers
(May-13-2011, 01:20 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]IAnyway, finella, if you could link me to the cover image (or perhaps even add it to the wiki page?), I'd be happy to write a piece about this for the main page. Smiling

Hi Mervi,

I promise I'll do that. But I need the help of my husband. And he's gardening, so I/we will do that later this evening.

I don't read newsgroups etc., as I don't spend that much time at the computer. 'Therefore I didn't read your note.

Am I the only german fan here ????????? That's actually a real shame.

Hi Farseer,

thanks for your lovely compliment. I really try hard and it's good to hearClapping, that everybody is able to understand me. But I also have quite a good online-dictionnary Big Grin.

And here we are:

yes, that cover has nothing to do with the book...

for one, there is no man in the book that fits the description facially, and second, none use a red cloak, let alone a dragon cloakpin...
Good evening Smiling !

Here are the covers of the latest edition of Farseer from the same publisher. You see, that they have simply adopted the cover. In my eyes very, very idealess. That is really annoying Mad.

1) Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy 1
2) Royal Assassin (Farseer 2)
3) The Assassin's Quest (Farseer 3)
Bravo, finella! Thankful

I will come back when I can, later on today, to attempt to add these to the wiki. Big Grin
Those covers... my eyes... IT BURNS!!!

...Seriously, though, those are a very poor choice. Although at least in the case of Farseer, they might be said to represent Fitz. Also, what's up with the titles? Doesn't "Der Nachtmagier" translate to "The Night Mage"? What does that have to do with Assassin's Quest?
Well, if Google translate is correct, the names mean:
Shadow Messenger
Night Mage

The first name is fairly sensible, and gives much more mystery than "assassins apprentice", second one is also fairly mysterious... The third one is fairly odd...

Dragon keeper is correctly translated, though...

Ok, time to poke holes (large ones) in the image...

What odd society would dress like that? certainly not an early medieval one... The farseer books operate on early medieval, from the times when chain mail and leather were the only types of armor, well before plate/scale armor became available to anyone... we would estimate it to be around 1000 AD give or take 50ish years...

Why would he wear a red cloak at all, when he was of the house of buck, which used buck blue? If anything not blue, he would wear black, gray or another dark hue to blend into background, but nothing crimson red...

Where's the warrior's tail?
Where are his (numerous) scars?
Why is his hair black, when he is merely "dark-haired"?
What sword is he wielding? It certainly isnt a farseer blade, yet it looks like it is full of jewels...
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