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I hope this is okay but I thought I'd put my thoughts and predictions for TRP and WB in their own thread, like I did when I was reading through the SS trilogy for the first time. When I'm done, we can also use the thread to chat about things? Feel free to read along with me but I will be taking it fairly slowly. I don't really have time to read at the moment but I do have a sudden need to shun reality, and I also can't stand these books sitting unopened on my shelf for even one more minute! P

This is my very first ML experience (I have even avoided the stories in 'The Inheritance' thus far!) so, here I go...opening the cover of TRP...Book
I've only made it to the end of Chapter Three and am enjoying it thus far. I have a lot more to say (actually I just deleted two lengthy paragraphs!) but I am going to leave it there...otherwise I will sound like the proverbial broken record! Wink

Moving on...I am still deciding if Tillu is right or wrong. Is she right to stand by her independence and 'protect' her son/take him from Carp and the people OR is she wrong to take him and try to change him/remove him from his 'fate'? In the same situation, I know I would have done the same thing as she has done Whistling so I am hoping she will not suffer adverse consequences, despite Carp's shared vision with Kerlew of the woman transforming into a small tree.

I can't help but wonder if something will come of a relationship of some sort between Tillu, Kerlew and Heckram, either for good or ill. My first thought was that Tillu and Heckram will end up together and Kerlew will assist Heckram somehow with the reindeer/making his fortune. After all, Wolf told him to "learn to follow the herds"? This all sounds a tad too straight-forward though...Undecided

Either way, I am sure that at least their paths will cross and I find I am liking Tillu and Heckram very much at present.

On to Chapter Four when spits and spurts of time allow...
Okay, so I haven't been able to help myself and have subsequently put off quite a few pressing tasks to 'tomorrow'...I know I will come to regret it but oh well! P It's a freezing twenty-two degrees here at the moment at 19:57 (or 7:57pm) and so it's a good excuse to huddle in the blankets and be warm? Funny that most of you would be sweating in this temperature...Toohot

I am about to begin Chapter Eight (stopping for a hot cup of tea!) and don't have much to add except that I suspect Heckram will get a look at Tillu's bow when he makes his way back to pay for the healing etc, and will realise that it could not possibly have been she who shot Lasse? The most obvious person responsible would have to be Joboam or someone connected to him. There's certainly a lot of tension there!

Off to boil the billy...Stirring
'Tomorrow' is very much now 'today' and thus I have had to put away my selfish reading for a time! Down Still, I managed to complete The Reindeer People in the early hours of this morning and will commence Wolf's Brother most likely when I head to bed for the night in a couple of hours, IF I can convince myself to only read the first couple of chapters!

What to make of it all? Undecided I had a firm feeling that something would happen to Elsa, given Kerlew's words, but it was not Heckram who actually killed her...obviously Kerlew meant that Heckram would kill her by association, in that Joboam would see that she came to harm simply because she had chosen Heckram, and Heckram and she had been formally joined. It only stands to reason that this joining would put Elsa in harm's way, given that Joboam had already gloated to Capiam that he would be the one to wed her beside the Cataclysm, and given the long-standing rivalry between he and Heckram. If Joboam couldn't have her, nobody else would...especially Heckram? Of course, she did also shun Kerlew and not long after that, she died...

In the beginning we were led to the assumption that Kerlew would be the one most likely to become Wolf's brother. Now I am not so sure. Certainly he is now following the herds and just has 'seemed' to be the one throughout who would take on that mantle but what to make of Heckram's involvement? I first thought that Heckram would have Reindeer as his guardian if he chose to find it, seeing as he and Lasse seek out the wild herd so often (and even to the extreme given the reactions of other herdfolk?), but I wonder more and more if it will not be Heckram who takes the title, and not Kerlew? Certainly he has only made a bargain with Wolf to this point but in his daily life, Heckram does follow the herds of his own volition? He is also described as wolf-like from time-to-time and seems to have had wolfish hints attached to him eg he was the wolf in the game with Elsa’s father etc?

Obvious, too, that at some point Joboam's attentions would turn to Tillu and Kerlew. No doubt this will intensify now that Heckram has defended Kerlew against Joboam, and, of course, once Joboam discovers the relationship blossoming between Heckram and Tillu. Having already made it known with Capiam and the other herdfolk that Tillu is 'his', Joboam will expand and defend this foundation he has laid. Despite their traditions of moving on etc, I expect some of the herdfolk will initially not look kindly upon Heckram for seemingly stealing the healer from Joboam or for the swiftness in his forgetfulness of Elsa. They will side with Joboam due to his 'close' relationship with Capiam and shun Heckram, just as what used to happen when Joboam and Heckram were younger.

Joboam no doubt believes that the title of Herdlord should have gone to his father and then to him, so is doing his best to ensure that it’s a title he ultimately obtains. At present, he is doing this by being seen by the herdfolk as an important associate to Capiam, cementing his place within the inner circle. Eventually he will do away with both Capiam and Relf (EDIT: This should be 'Rolke'...I must have been tired! Smiling ) and, by virtue of his already-established status within the circle, and his and his father’s previous claim to the title, he will become Herdlord. In due course though, I predict that Heckram will come to be Herdlord, possibly as a result of his bargain with Wolf?

I really don’t like Carp, and aspects of Kerlew frustrate me from a motherly perspective, just as they seem to frustrate Tillu. Of course, this does not mean that the frustration is deserved or ‘right’. If I were Tillu, I just wouldn’t tolerate some of the things that Kerlew does/says but, at the same time, I can see that he obviously has elements of a shamanic personality that should possibly be left to develop so he reaches his full potential in that role. Much of it is also what he has come to learn as being ‘right’ from Carp’s teachings. I guess I liken him to ones such as *Liveship Traders spoilers *
We all have choices and there’s nothing stopping Kerlew from being a shaman (in-waiting?) who values others, especially his mother! I like who he is while under Heckram’s influence whereas he irritates me while under Carp’s. Okay, I must concede, my annoyance with Carp and Kerlew stems mostly from their disregard of women. No doubt that extends to every other such character ever created! P

While Kerlew’s actions toward Elsa could be seen as sinister, for him they are not, and are instead a force for good, bringing justice and balance as far as I can understand it. He saved Elsa from suffering (at her request?) though I don’t think it will be he who acts out the revenge on her behalf…rather it will be Heckram, possibly as part of his bargain with Wolf?

The tree prediction doesn’t seem to have yet been made true…possibly it ends as a reward for Tillu, not a punishment. The blood on Kerlew’s hands would have to be something other than Elsa’s death (as it was a merciful act for him to feed her the medicine?) so that also is yet to be fulfilled. On the flip-side, possibly it was Kerlew who was responsible for her vicious beating by the stream in the first place…as punishment for taking Heckram from him? Maybe this is why Wolf did not want Joboam’s life thread to be cut short by Kerlew…because it would undeserved??? Hmmm…

Hmmm…I have no idea, do I! Big Grin

I am a fan of Wolf, though I can't explain why! Slurp
It's been a while since I read these books, so I'll have to be careful to not accidentally spoil the book for you. Not exactly remembering the sequence of events does that to a person...
^ Big Grin

Despite being in the middle of school (!!), I am midway through Chapter Six of WB and, seeing as I got so caught up in the story during the latter chapters of TRP that I forgot to come back here and actually write down little predictions each time they came up, I thought I'd better stop and post this one!

EDIT: Adding spoiler tag...just so you know I'm not coming back to 'tweak' previous predictions! P *WB spoilers*

A couple of pages into Chapter Ten, I thought I'd better come and try to sort through some things...

EDIT: Adding spoiler tag *WB spoilers*

Did I tell you how much I dislike Carp? Rant Big Grin

Is there a connection between the seite and the Cataclysm? Detective
I'm still waiting for Reindeer people to be shipped by Amazon (last I checked, release date there was May 21st). When I get it, I'll start posting here too.
I look forward to it joost! When I'm done, I can go back and insert spoiler tags into the WB-related posts if you'd like to chat about TRP in the meantime? I will include one here so you don' chance seeing something you ought not to when you view this reply. Smiling *WB spoilers*

EDIT: Sorry! Closing the spoiler tag kinda helps!!!
Very quickly...I was right about Carp and Kira and the order of their arrival BUT what happened to them next was somewhat of a surprise! Blink
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