Full Version: [from news] Upcoming special edition of the Inheritance
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Mellow the Minstrel

Upcoming special edition of the Inheritance

Subterranean Press (the publication company behind A Fantasy Medley) have announced they will release a special limited edition of the Inheritance and Other Stories later this year. This will be a edition of 1000 signed copies, 800 of them cloth bound copies with the trade edition dust jacket and 200 leatherbound copies, with a different dust jacket and exclusive full-color endsheets. The dust jacket and interior illustrations will be done by Tom Kidd. You can preorder the book already and if you preorder before May 13th (extend until May 20th), you'll get a discount. See their press release for details.

Props to Raija for finding out about this first! Smiling
Now where does this thread come from? There's already another thread further down the index page...
probably mellow acting up again...
No, I gather that this one is intentional as it has been edited to include the preorder extension date from May 13th to May 20th?