Full Version: Some Lindholm books available again from Amazon UK
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The Windsingers, Luck of the Wheels and Wizard of the Pigeons can be ordered again from In each case, they are labeled as 2009 or 2010 reprings, yet show the cover of the 2002 reissue. Also, only a few copies of each are in stock. I've just ordered my copy of Wizard of the Pigeons.

Sadly though, no sight of The Limbreth Gate. You can get a new copy from another seller for the low, low price of 69 pound (!) or a second hand copy for the only slightly less insane price of 27 pound.
My copy of Wizard of the Pigeons just arrived. It's a very nice pocket paperback with the very nice cover art of the 2002 reissue, meaning it fits in well with the rest of my RH / ML collection. Now the only books I'm missing are Cloven Hooves and The Limbreth Gate.

I'm planning to read it after I finish Northwest of Earth.
Fantastic, AR! I am looking forward to hearing your comments on it (not having read it myself, of course P ).