Full Version: Classism in Elderling society? (spoilers RotE books incl Blood of Dragons)
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(Jun-10-2011, 10:42 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]These beings agree that it may take time for a single such eruption to affect an entire continent. However, it is quite possible that there were in fact multiple eruptions all at once in many locations, combined with other disasters. There has not appeared any obvious evidence of a volcanic caldera in the books, so either the crater(s) are big enough to be unnoticeable, or beyond the edges of the map. Do not make the error of comparing such eruption to those recent ones on Iceland. active Icelandic volcanoes are to a large part submerged beneath glaciers, and so they do not erupt the same way. Supervolcanoes also have much larger ashclouds, though that depends on type of eruption. If you make there be such eruptions all along the upwind side of elderling territory and combine it with numerous other disaster types like earthquakes and the tectonic plate impact described earlier, you will have enough to cause quick extinction. Especially if the eruption occurred beneath the so-called "jet stream". Dragons, like humans and Elderlings need to breathe and it is proven that it is unhealthy for humans to breathe volcanic ash. These being presume it is the same for dragons and Elderlings.

The Lake Toba supervolcano in Sumatra erupted around 80000 years ago blasting 2800 cubic kilometres of material into the atmosphere. Krakatoa produced 3 cubic kilometres. Admittedly the Toba event was the largest eruption in the last 25 million years, but a supervolcano can do amazing damage to the planet. The sheer volume of material in the atmosphere after Toba would have started a worldwide winter within days. The Toba ash column would have been higher than the atmosphere and the ash would have been carried by very fast moving winds in the stratosphere. Toba ash deposits have been found in Greenland. The direct ash fall zone extended across the Indian Ocean as far as India and Australia. Some scientists believe the worldwide human population was reduced by up to 99% as a result of Toba.

The Realm of the Elderliness may have got off lightly.

I won't mention that Toba, which is larger than the Yellowstone supervolcano by a factor of 11, seems to have an 80000 year cycle because none of us would be able to sleep at night.
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