Full Version: The Ki and Vandien Quartet - Reprints
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Hi All - Does anyone have any idea on the (UK) reprint dates for the Ki and Vandien books? Amazon and other sellers have had 28 Apr 2011 on as the publication dates for a long time, although Amazon are now quoting 26 April 2012!

You can pick up older editions new for 3 of the 4, but Limbreth Gate is not available at a reasonable price anywhere... Down
This is one of those long-running mysteries. A release date for 2009 was first announced on Amazon, then it was 2010, then 2011 and now it's 2012. I have contacted Voyager multiple times and have never been able to get a straight answer out of them, so I won't believe anything until the books are in stores. Or, alternatively, until they unveil the new cover art, since I'm expecting they'll be following the precedent set by the recent Reindeer People / Wolf's Brother reprints.

Also, I too am dying to get my hands on a copy of The Limbreth Gate. It's the only Ki and Vandien book I don't have and indeed, the prices are crazy.
Yep - very strange.

I'd have thought there would be a large demand for these books and that Voyager would be getting them out as quickly as possible!