Full Version: Random questions about Liveships (spoilers Farseer, LST and TM)
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The Paragon/Fool thing played on my mind for quite a quite broke my heart to think Paragon may have known about Fool's torture and death. Truly, I'm an over-emotional fool sometimes..Blushing
even if he knew, he would not have made a point of it.
(Jul-09-2012, 06:07 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]even if he knew, he would not have made a point of it.

Maybe not, but if he could feel even a modicum of fool's pain, it'd be enough to hurt him inside. Well I think so anyways.
(Jul-08-2012, 07:14 PM (UTC))londonlassie Wrote: [ -> ]
(Jun-16-2011, 12:19 AM (UTC))Omie Wrote: [ -> ]- How would a Liveship feel to one with the Wit sense? It might have said this somewhere in the books but I can't remember.

I think Fitz mentioned he didn't like the magic and wasn't comfortable around it? I might be wrong, it's been a while since I read the Farseer set.
I think he mentions it when he's talking to the Fool when the Fool visits him the first time in his cottage in Fool's errand.
^ I think I have responded to this thought somewhere earlier but, hey, I can't help myself! Big Grin Yep, during the tale of his journey south to Bingtown/the Cursed Shores (I loved that he even went down Rain Wild Street, as though he missed Fool and Amber's presence pulled him there! Smiling ) and then up the Rain River a short way (where Kelsingra - the city and the land - also called to him Wink ), Fitz told Fool that both he and Nighteyes had seen a liveship and it was a grim magic that they would never be comfortable around. For me it seemed a reaction similar to how Fitz wished to avoid the memory stone track on Others Island when he went there with Dutiful, among other things.Cross-threading galore here! Surrender

His dizziness etc in reaction to Rain Wild Street is interesting also but that's for another day/thread, methinks... P

I am looking forward (or is that living in hope?!) to Paragon meeting Fitz face-to-face someday not too far away. Paragon has seen Fitz through his link with Amber but how will they be together should they meet?
"Fitz, meet paragon. Paragon, meet Fitz" I'd love for this to happen! P
Today, in the company of Newsgroup friends, I learned the answer to a LST question that has befuddled me forever but I have forgotten all about ever asking! Yay

Did you ever wonder why it was that Althea and Brashen made such a fuss about Amber placing the hatch cover as she did within Paragon? Well, you may not have P but I always thought, Uhhuh "What's the big deal? I'd have thought that a very sensible idea, really..." Blink

Well, there is actually a sailor's superstition that says (this was taken from Williams and Company's Marine Superstitions- Volume One but there are many other sources):

"Hatch Upside Down - Placing a hatchcover or manhole upside down is bad luck. There are various explanations. Upside down covers forebode of a capsized vessel. Practically speaking, all hatches and manholes should be in the sealed position while at sea in any event; to do otherwise is said to be bad practice. This superstition is known to have been modified on some vessels to prohibit buckets of water from being placed on the hatchcover – possibly symbolizing standing water over the hatch, a bad situation in any case."

Ah, good stuff. Clapping Even better that Amber built it, and I am sure that even Brashen would had to have agreed...! Big Grin
These beings thought it was not so much a dislike of a hatchcover per se, but as a significant modification of the wizardwood hull.
I thought the same 'thul..all to do with spoiling the wizardwood hull. Now, I'm not so sure, though that could still be a small part of it, maybe?
bingtowners are crazy when it comes to outsiders messing with wizardwood...
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