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These beings were browsing about, hoping to find useful imagery for use in creating that Thymara 3D-model mentioned elsewhere and came across this...

They were unable to find it in english, so if any of you speak dutch, translation might be useful...

In november 2009, LuitinghFantasy will release
By bestselling author Robin Hobb
A new story from the Rain Wild Lands
Where bleak circumstances scourge the land
Affect the inhabitants
A father
Defies the old tradition
To save his daughter
Shunned by her people
Unwanted by her mother
She is considered to be almost inhuman
What destiny awaits this girl?
Is she doomed to live as an outcast
Or will she become...
The dragon keeper

Nice work translating, joost! Clapping

I was positive that I had seen an English version of this trailer somewhere though? Undecided It was produced in Tacoma so there had to be one originally however it doesn't feature on the website of those who produced it.

*searching, searching* Nup, I can't find it either 'thul, and I'm sure your net surfing skills are far superior to mine!

This has probably been posted on here somewhere but this is the old discussion with Robin regarding the trailer, and Dragon Keeper/Dragon Haven . Possibly you saw this as well, during your search? Not that it helps with your Thymara model Wink but I'm sure the trailer did?

EDIT: It would be terrific if we got one for City of Dragons, too!
these beings saw that one too, yes. They'll go back into detail over in that other thread...

[Image: th_Thymara01.png]