Full Version: Which RotE character is your favourite? (spoilers all RotE books)
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(Jan-11-2012, 11:55 PM (UTC))Valarya Wrote: [ -> ]Rapskal and Tats were always my favorites. Thymara goes to the bottom of the pile along with Greft. I haaaaaaated Thymara. -_-

I must admit I disliked Thymara too, I'm not sure why she just really rubbed me up the wrong way! I wasn't too fond of Tats either and again I couldn't say why! Loved Rapskal though and liked Sylve. I also liked Sedric once he'd started to change for the better even though what he did to Alise was horrible. I liked Alise too once she'd started to take a bit of control, I'm looking forward to seeing how she has developed in CoD.
These beings liked Thymara because of her potential, and because of the severity of her changes. Rapskal is just a funny type of person, and Sylve is just so brightly innocent.
But that's just my opinion.
Can someone delete this jonmark14 character... he's been spamming several threads with nonsense posts. This one actually sounds half-thought out.. but I'm not tricked.
Farseer was away for a bit, but the bot is dead now. It was a semi-advanced spambot script. The real flaw in it was that it did not have even rudimentary grammar checker.
(Jan-25-2012, 08:15 PM (UTC))Valarya Wrote: [ -> ]This one actually sounds half-thought out..

That's because it was pinching bits of our posts but only grabbing one or two sentences from each person. Clever, clever. As soon as I saw the one about the Kindle, I recognised elements of a conversation that ChriSchaeffer and I had once. Dodgy

If you ever see anything like that in the future that bugs you, feel free to just report it if you like. Even without the reports, the posts are easy to spot and delete as I usually come on here quite frequently most days (just quick visits to check for this very thing). It's only during the times when I'm not on that the reports are truly handy so that I can go straight to the specific posts instead of having to read through every post made since I was last on eg I'm on the other side of the world to the rest of you and so am away sleeping Sleeping when you all seem to do the majority of your posting (and it is also when the spammers, who are usually also on the other side of the world, often hit), or when I have internet hiccups or am travelling (which is a lot).

I imagine that eventually Mervi will be back on track and then we will have the clock covered most times...she on one side of the globe and I on the other. Happyballoon
Spammers seem to rarely post when others are on here... or its just that they post during the few hours a day that most here are either sleeping or working.

As a dog trainer my favorite character is Nighteyes. The first time I read hobb I only read the tawny man trilogy. I sat on the couch crying my eyes out when he died. My boyfriend was quit uncomfortable... haha!!! Can you imagine how much worse that was when I had also read the farseer trilogy. Big Grin But he still is my favorite character.
These beings welcome thee, Gielske. It is nice to see another person here that likes dogs.
(Apr-11-2009, 10:29 PM (UTC))maulkin Wrote: [ -> ]One thing that I like about Robin Hobb's books is that there are no perfect, stereotypical heroes. Her stories do not force us to identify with and idolise a particular character.

Although we see the world through Fitz's eyes in The Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies and he is a very engaging character, I doubt that many of us would actually wish to be Fitz (an emotionally repressed, brain damaged, drug addicted, absent father with confidence issues and violent tendencies, whose closest friend is a wolf).

This is one thing I do like as well as you Smiling
But... I'd say even with all of his problems Fitz is my most favorite character. Probably because it makes him very human to me and I could see myself in some things he did... Smiling
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