Full Version: Which RotE character is your favourite? (spoilers all RotE books)
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for reasons unknown, cat-lovers cant seem to understand that dogs, and wolves, are so much better... These beings are regularly annoyed whenever wolves are vilified.
I'm one of the few rare cat and dog lovers... At home I only have a dog, but when I'm with friends who have cats, they always sit in my lap (the cats, not the friendsP)

And I agree with these being about wolves. I'm waiting for wolves to return to the wild here. 2 lonely males (probably from germany) have been sited lately and I truly hope a pack will settle here. We don't have any big predators and it would be good for nature here.
Wolves are the cat-versions of dogs.
That is where you are wrong. Cats are generally lone, selfish creatures, whereas dogs, and even more wolves, are social creatures.
There's a reason its called "wolf pack", and that there's no such thing as a "cat pack"

The only feline creature that resembles wolves and dogs in it sticking into groups are lions, and they gather in prides.
(Feb-16-2012, 01:36 PM (UTC))Gielske Wrote: [ -> ]I'm one of the few rare cat and dog lovers...

Then we are already two Big Grin. I also love cats, but because my husband is allergic to cats, we don't have them in the house. Best thing is to live with cats and dogs together. It's soooo interesting, because they are so different. Both species are lovable in their own individual way.

I also agree with thul and Gielske. It'll be great, if wolves came back to our woods and would be looked at as normal. As far as I know we have 10 or 12 packs in Germany, which is quite a success. I hope, people will stay calm about them.
Indeed wolves have allready returned to the german wildernis and the young males that have left those packs are probably the once that have been seen here.But since they are so people shy, I don't think there will be much problems with them. Although they may get past a bad vence to a herd of cattle, But still, wolves aren't foxes to kill all living things before feeding. A pack will take down the weakest animal and only enough for the pack to eat.

I live near a big network of linked woods full of deer and other prey animals (Maashorst) which would be ideal for wolves, as would be the Veluwe. So I'm keeping track of the developments in hopes of one day finding tracks or maybe see a wolf.
I love wolves. I like dogs. Doesn't mean I'd have either of them as a pet. P

Cats take care of themselves.. I like that because I'm lazy. It's why I have ~30 Tarantulas... because they're the easiest pet in the WORLD to take care of. I'm not exaggerating.

This topic of discussion about wolves being reintroduced to areas greatly interests me. I saw a documentary once about how, (editing this portion because my previous info was wrongSmiling in the 1920's all the wolves were killed in & around Yellowstone National Park here in the United States. Eventually, the humans were able to see how detrimental that was to the delicate society of nature. The herd animals and grass-eaters became over-populated, thus killing the land and screwing with the entire eco-system balance.

What did they do? Re-introduced wolved to Yellowstone. I like that story. You can read all about it by searching on google Big Grin
The greatest problem with wolves in norway is that they've been mostly gone long enough for farmers to think that they can just let sheep (with natural defenses bred away) graze without anyone watching them. Thus they think that they can exterminate wolves for killing defenseless food. Oh, and the funny thing? Norwegian wolves apparently kill more than 10 times what swedish wolves kill, yet there are not 10 times the number of wolves in norway as there are in sweden. Another problem is that they think wolves can be kept to specific areas only, as if they should respect borders drawn on a map...

The natural balance between predators and herbivores in norway is severely skewed, yet most fail to see that.

oh, and farseer... maybe this discussion should be split out?
(Feb-16-2012, 05:32 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]...they think that they can exterminate wolves for killing defenseless food.

That's what happened in the 1920's with the wolves in Yellowstone. They were killed by farmers and hunters.

It took almost 60+ years for humans to realize they needed to be reintroduced in order to help the delicate balance.

I don't know if it was in norway, but somewhere around there farmers are experimenting with speakers to keep wolves away from the herds. The speakers play the recorded territorial howls of another wolf pack. If another pack hears it, they assume it's claimed territory and won't come near.
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