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So now that Words Like Coins has been published and Dragon Keeper split into two volumes, here's what else is upcoming:

- a short story collection of Megan Lindholm and Robin Hobb stories, both previously published and completely new ones. The deadline is supposedly in 2009, no information about any of the stories, publication date or format yet. But I think this will be a dream come through for many of us readers! Smiling

- "The Triumph", a Robin Hobb story that will be published in an anthology titled "Warriors" edited by GRR Martin and Gardner Dozois. This will be a hardback by Tor Books in late 2010 or early 2011.

- an untitled short story in "Star Crossed Lovers" anthology (2010), also edited by Martin+Dozois. Robin has recently hinted that this might be a new take on the Piebald Prince legend! Cool
I would love to know more about the Piebald Prince! I hope she'll make it.

Also looking forward to the short story collection, as they are so hard to find! Hope it's ~1000 pages like Martin's Dreamsongs (and if you want to read excellent stories I recommend that collection).
Okay I'm going to show my ignorance here a bit, but where do I find any Robin Hobb short stories that are already published? I would love to read them but hadn't heard of any besides A Fantasy Medley.

What are their names? Smiling Thanks!
Chiquita, the only RH short stories so far are Homecoming, The Inheritance and Words Like Coins, although more seem to be in line to be published. Homecoming was published in an anthology called Legends 2 which is still readily available in bookshops. The Inheritance is much more difficult to find, because the anthology that contains it was a very limited edition. If you live in the US, though, it's available as a digital copy at
You could also check the listed titles for ML at the wiki, Not all information there is complete, but it's a start.
Awesome.. thanks Mervi!
(Apr-16-2009, 10:32 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]- "The Triumph", a Robin Hobb story that will be published in an anthology titled "Warriors" edited by GRR Martin and Gardner Dozois. This will be a hardback by Tor Books in late 2010 or early 2011.

We spoke a bit about this story with GRRM in Finncon. He said that it is excellent Thankful but wouldn't tell more...

He hadn't read the Soldier son books but as Liveships are his favourites we told him that he should read Dragon Keeper.
Don't tell him to read ... Tell him to get writing on A dance with dragons P: I needs that book, the cliff hangers he left me with are becoming to much Uhhuh
Just a quick update about the two anthologies. Those of you who follow the main page news and/or the wiki already probably know this, though.

- [[Warriors]] (which includes [[The Triumph]] by Robin) is set to be published March 16th. The wiki page already has a cover and all. Smiling

- Star Crossed Lovers is now known as [[Songs of Love and Death]] (rather dramatic, don't you think?) and is almost ready to be sent to the publisher. It should come out next year as well.

Personally I think the lists of authors for both of those volumes are really impressive and I can't wait to get my hands on these books. What a treat 2010 is going to be, hobb-wise! Book
... and the Songs of Love and Death story is called "Blue Boots"! What do you think, will this really be a 6D story or something quite different?
Well, it seems that "Blue Boots" is NOT the Piebald Prince story. The comments in this entry at the official site seem to indicate that that story is still unfinished (and we know that Songs of Love and Death is supposedly ready to go to the publisher so...)
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