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Not exactly correct. The White Prophets engineered this. The fool was merely the last in a long line of prophets. His task was finished with Icefyre's release, one could see that from the way his skin turned dark.

One question one might ask is if Prilkop and the fool got to their far southern destination and if they did, whether they prevented the next white prophet from heading out. It might be that there will be more white prophets in the future if they did not stop them from going out.
An update on the progress of the cover art for Blood of Dragons can be found here. You will see a colour/painted version of the previous sketches if you scroll down to the last couple of entries of Jackie's (October 28th) blog.

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The spear/polearm in the painted colored image looks to be extremely top-heavy.
Sorry to be working backward but trying to catch up on Hobb gossip after so long away from home...

Regarding the dragons on the cover, in her October 24th blog, Jackie noted their identities as being *DH, CoD/BoD spoiler*

As for the spear/polearm...I will have to look back over the recent, previous discussions in more depth (and apologise if I have already said this somewhere else!) but I must admit that I can't help but think of *Farseer, LST, Tawny Man and Homecoming spoilers*

So, so much to look forward to discovering... Clapping Yay Dance
Many interesting ideas there...

So, joost, have you finished or are you only just now up to Chapter Six (seeing as I have just commented on your pick-up which is noted in the Newsgroup)?
I finished chapter 6 last night. I'll start a new thread in the RotE subboard when I'm halfway with my thoughts on the book so far.
Haven't seen this one here yet: The cover of the Dutch version:

[Image: 1001004011538373.jpg]

Still can't say I like it. (It's the same image for all four books, just with different colours)
At least it could in theory have something to do with the book... not all covers have even that little.
Nothing to do with anything (I know, I am an expert in that field! P ) but I couldn't help but think of Girl-on-a-Dragon when I was also thinking of this cover art for BoD last night. Yes, I think about random RotE things at random times for no apparent reason at all!

Now, I doubt there is a connection in any way (though there might be! Big Grin ) but I thought of it that she is adorned with the Rooster Crown, Salt, or 'the girl' aspect of GoaD (now Realder's Dragon apparently Uhhuh ), will look even more Elderling-like/similar to the crested BoD figure depicted on the back of the dragon in flight than she would have done previously.

You beings said that it unlikely that a dragon would allow a human to ride upon its back and I agree. Still, this comparison between GoaD (with or without the Rooster 'Crown' which does, admittedly, look nothing like a 'crest' except for its stick-out-from-your-head appearance Crown ) and the Elderling on the cover of BoD makes me wonder if it were not more common than rare for an Elderling, at least, to fly in such a fashion. It's almost as if Salt were not only wanting to avoid being made part of the dragon that she and her coterie were carving but she also wished to achieve this goal by carving herself similarly to the form an Elderling astride a dragon would take. I doubt she'd had carved herself in such a fashion if Elderlings/Skilled Ones did not ever see a dragon as such a form of transportation or did not ever sit on one's back.

Further, this little thought makes the statue in Homecoming all the more interesting for me (if such a thing is possible...I love that thing! Happyballoon ), as though it confirms that the lady depicted within the basket seems to have possibly been exalted in a such a way that riding astride a dragon seems unfitting to her station...even though an Elderling did so. As I have mentioned elsewhere (the Homecoming thread - major spoilers within the link - and other places?), she is the Judge perhaps?

Anyway, the main point being, is that back in history, though Reyn was carried in Tintaglia's mouth, Elderlings did obviously ride on the back of a dragon....Salt's position confirms it, even as does the cover art for BoD.

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