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oh? it does not confirm it. Salt, while descended from Elderlings, may easily have been more six duchies than Elderling. It was remarked clearly that the dragon statues carved by Elderlings were inhuman in their thoughts. Over the generations since the breaking of the world and fall of dragonkind, there have been hundreds, if not thousands of skilled ones departing to carve dragons, long after the connection to dragons was forgotten.
The fact that some Elderling was carried in a basket looks to 'thul like proof that not even Elderlings were allowed to sit astride a dragon. Besides, you'd either need a very strange saddle, of which convincing a dragon to wear would be very difficult, if not impossible, or extremely tough skin on your thighs to last long from the friction of scales.

The book cover you mentioned does not say that Elderlings used to ride dragons, but instead open up for the chance that they (the new Elderlings) will come to ride dragons. In the ancient times, when both dragons and Elderlings were more common, their relationship was more objective. Elderlings were objects of art, whereas in the time of the books, Elderlings have become more of companions. It is clear that they have more power over dragons than Elderlings had over dragons in the old days.

Oh, and wasn't Reyn carried in a limb, not mouth? These beings clearly seem to remember (malta?) observing that in the combat scene Tintaglia was holding a single limb close to her body, and was thus less effective. Understanding why this was so was something she did not do at first.
(Oct-31-2011, 12:14 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]As for the spear/polearm...I will have to look back over the recent, previous discussions in more depth (and apologise if I have already said this somewhere else!) but I must admit that I can't help but think of *Farseer, LST, Tawny Man and Homecoming spoilers*

The woman in the window has a band of red on her forehead and dark hair. I know that I believe it will end up being related to Fitz and Nettle (maybe even Nettle herself) but I can't help but think of Malta's red (?) crest and even Bolt/Vivacia's red bandana-thingy as given by Kennit. Darn you, Fitz, for not taking some time to think on the significance of it all! Rant *sigh* I forgive you, though. Wub

Sorry to have not come back here earlier to correct myself re Reyn. Yes, he was indeed carried in Tintaglia's claws, and I have no idea why I had 'mouth''s not like it was a 3am post or anything!

As for bestriding a dragon...I still happened, is happening and will continue to happen. Smiling Alise's detailing of one of the war images (the ones that Fitz had previously seen in the Kelsingra Map Tower but had not bothered to fill us in on!) in CoD proves the former.

Here is the US cover art.

Plot synopsis for Blood of Dragons:

It looks like the official US publication date is April 9th.
Concerning what they are looking for in the spoiler you mention, wouldn't it be nice if Fitz wandered in to show them where it is? Wub
^ Yes, yes indeedy! P

Here's a link to a pic that Jackie posted on her site on July 12th, regarding the cover for Blood of Dragons. You'll notice that there are a number of differences between this ^ one and this other one that she posted on June 7th as the US version (as has previously been shared here on thePlenty).

Either Jackie has changed her mind during the creative process or possibly the US and UK cover art for BoD will differ slightly other than just with the background colour as it was for City of Dragons. If the latter is true (I'm thinking this is most likely?), maybe these small differences are being made to avoid the confusion between the US and UK versions as there seemed to have been when CoD was released.

The latest one puts me very much in mind of the Elderling robes worn by Fitz/Fool, Alise and, later, Thymara and Rapskal.
Just found this on Amazon hence it's most likely the US version of the BoD cover art, especially with the inclusion of the text 'New York Times Bestselling Author...' which doesn't ever exist on my UK versions (we have things that speak of 'international', not US-specific). As such, I am going with my previous thoughts that the US and UK versions will differ *just slightly* in both colour and artwork to avoid confusion (for those who like the letter 'u' and those who don't! Big Grin ) :

[Image: 51k%2B3uhHk%2BL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

What do you all think? Turned

To take a look at the likely UK cover art, see link in my previous post.

EDIT: Well, I'm a bit of a twit but, then, you all knew that didn't you?! P Jussi already had this here...and even in THIS thread only a few posts back... Blushing ...tsk, tsk... Whistling Innocent
I like it..a lot! I hope our version doesn't differ too much (useless U excepted!) The colours are good and is that a person (elderling) perched on the dragon's neck or just my eyes playing tricks? Big Grin
*stares mesmerizingly at fool-ish*

There is no elderling there. You see only a strange blurry shape. Move along. Bring food to the lords of the three realms.
(Jul-26-2012, 08:52 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]*stares mesmerizingly at fool-ish*

There is no elderling there. You see only a strange blurry shape. Move along. Bring food to the lords of the three realms.

Pfft! There is so someone riding on that dragon! And I'll pretend I didn't hear that last sentence Dodgy
@ foolish: Did you have a look at the link to the (likely?) UK version in my July 21st post, as seen on Jackie's site? The Elderling figure in that one is clothed differently (more like in Fitz/Fool's golden Elderling robe but, given the events in CoD, that's to now be expected?), looks more feminine and has no weapon-like item etc.

Just think...this is the closest we've come to having a human on the cover! Smiling

I might place that link to Jackie's site again here and specify that it is what I believe will be the UK cover art. Smiling

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