Full Version: Blood of Dragons (spoilers RotE incl City of Dragons)
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(Mar-15-2013, 11:10 PM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]For you, Valarya... Big Grin Flowers

You are awesome. Big Grin I think I'm gonna wait for the full book, though.. so I can get sucked in to it properly and finish in a day or two. P

Yeah, I had my copy waiting for me too when I came home a couple of days ago. At least one Finnish online store (adlbris) was shipping them already in February! I'm trying to read and savour this one slowly (unlike Willful which I read straight through in basically one sitting lol).
Finished and thoroughly enjoyed. Smiling Looking forward to getting back here when I am not on a Smartphone (extremely difficult when trying to type lengthy posts and impossible for quoting, so I can see why Albertosaurus Rex doesn't swing by much anymore!). Smiling
Just finished my copy. Got it on the 12th but decided not to chew through it. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
I received mine last Thursday. It's so beautiful! I hardly dare to start with DK, because I know I will forget everything around me and neglect my household, my animals, my husband. I only know myself too well Undecided.
Well met, Red Revolution, and welcome to thePlenty. Slurp
Now I feel like I may have rushed myself reading the previous books that fast, maybe I shouldn't 'chew' through the last one. I may have to re-read it.
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