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Thanks to Clarity for letting me know of the passing of Australian author Sara Douglass.

A sad time for fantasy fans indeed. Crying Voyager got its imprint with Sara back in 1995. This is one of the many articles that have been written since her death from ovarian cancer.

Anytime anyone would like to share such sad 'author' tidings, or some happy ones, feel free to do it here in the 'Other Universes' thread.
This is indeed sad. These beings have read 17 of her books, with an 18th one lying on the planned reading list.

I have never read any of her books, but I do remember reading her post on dying some time ago, which was quite moving and really had me thinking about the subject.

While we're on the subject, Dutch author Hella Haasse died yesterday. She's counted as one of the greats of Dutch literature, but to be honest neither of the two books I read by her did anything for me. My mother is a big fan of her works, though.
I heard the news the other day, and only then did I find out she lived in the same city as me!
I thought she lived in Adelaide (but she must have moved at some point).
And I just found that she has a blog on gardening. What a shame I never discovered that before.
I have read lots of her books and mostly loved them (some more than others).
These beings are currently reading one of her books... slowly, only a few chapters a day before going into nightly hibernation
I can hardly believe the news of Anne McCaffrey's death. Very sad, especially as I am still to get to the Pern books... Crying
That's sad news indeed, although 85 is a good age. Her son Todd was already writing most of the new Pern stuff, so the series isn't over yet.
Quite sad. I'll be picking up The Ship Who Sang real soon. It's a must-read, especially now.
I have to say that I have shed tears at the news of Australian author, Bryce Courtenay's, recent death. He'd had stomach cancer and died in the very late pm on Thursday -

The most powerful book I read as a young person was his 'Power of One'...and then I discovered the sequel 'Tandia' only a couple of years ago. It surpassed 'Power of One' and its ending will never leave me. In fact, I'd not be surprised if the RotE tale finished somewhat like it. I think I've said that somewhere around here before..but that's all I'm going to tell you. Wink It's a book about boxing, but it is about so much more than boxing. Read both books, and tell me you didn't enjoy them, and I'll be surprised.
Otfried Preussler died a few days ago. He was the author of about twenty books, most of which I haven't read, but did write one book that I really loved: Krabat, variously translated as The Satanic Mill, The Curse of Darkling Mill and its original title. The titles should let you know what you're in for: it's a story with a very dark, spooky atmosphere about a boy who is apprenticed to miller who practises the dark arts. We're talking about a children's book here, but if you ever come across the book, don't let that stop you. It's amazing.
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