Full Version: The Fitz and The Fool
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I read on Robins own website 2 years ago, in the FAQ section that she was planning to go back and write more about Fitz and The Fool after she had finished the books she was already contracted to do, i think it mentioned 2012. Now this answer has been replaced and she now says that she thinks she has finished with them. Im confused!!!! and SAD!!!!! No more Fitz Down
Fitz potential has essentially played out to its end. Just because the duo of FitzChivalry Farseer and the fool/amber will not have any more roles, does not mean that people from the six duchies will not be more than minor side characters in the future books. These beings are fairly sure that there will be several six duchies characters in future books, quite probably some born of the bloodlines the Farseers and Molly.

Fitz has grown old beyond the capabilities of a hero like one met him as in the farseer and tawny man books. Remember, he'd at the end of tawny man decided to retire, and he was entering the early autumn of his life then. Then add in the 5+ years from tawny man to the rain wild books. Fitz would by that time have started to head from "adult" to "elderly". Its better to bring in younger hero(-es/-ines)... like the next generation of the bloodlines...

Fitz might appear in future books in the background as a side character in the form of the skillmaster, but 'thul doubt he'll be a core character.