Full Version: What are you listening?
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(Apr-22-2011, 11:08 PM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]Has everyone seen this one already? BookClapping

I've only just been able to view this. SUPERB! Clapping I even enjoyed the bagpipes. P
'twas strange, but a bit repetitive on the video... the morale behind it is good though...
I love Workbench

^ Nice, redchild, and you have given me the perfect piece of 'relaxing' music to share with a bunch of girls at a meeting on Monday where we will be discussing stress vs relaxation and sleep! Thankful
^ Like Ham, from Toy Story, I was an "uncultured swine" until I found thePlenty...such a wide and wonderful world you have all opened up to me since then. P

To think that I'd already been walking the earth for nearly three years by the time this video was originally made and, in all the years since, I had never heard of Mr Trololo or Eduard Khil until this very moment!

I found I was so busy wondering if he could truly sustain his grin for the entire piece that I forgot to actually listen to him... Big Grin
Yes, his grin is quite distracting P

Cover of Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit":

Very risky dealing with blackface, but as shown it's not done for caricature. I think it was handled very well. Great cover and really nice photography.

Why are you so popular?!

I've been mostly listening to Frankie's Trade a Rudyard Kipling poem performed by folk god Jon Boden. Admittedly, I've been mostly listening to it because my MP3 player seems to acquire favourites and when set to random it chooses certain songs over and over again. It's a good thing I like the song or I'd hate it by now.

Also, I've been listening intently to

(Blackbeard's Tea Party with 'Hummeabar', for you folkies and pirate enthusiasts everywhere).
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