Full Version: What are you listening?
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^ Nice! Pirate

is that a tuba????
Kitty, Daisy & Lewis - I'm so sorry

I have this on vinyl but I can't listen to it, since my record player only plays 33RPM and 45RPM LPs and this is a 78RPM LP.
I can't quite believe it but I must confess that I have been listening to (and watching) this for the last couple of minutes. I'll blame one of my sons for bringing it to my attention, and thus making me have to bring it to yours?! P

Catching up on some ironing and listening to some music to get me through it. Not much of a choice though, given that a Tim McGraw CD is stuck in the player! Still, I have long liked this song Don't take the girl and cry every time I hear it:

This is the first time I've seen the video clip...isn't You Tube handy?! Smiling
These beings have recently managed to stick "imperial march" into a cell phone to replace its default ring tone. Most practical.

Love it! Horribly off topic but I can't tell you how much time I've spent trying to persuade my sons that they should have it as their 'wedding march' one day, with Darth to do the giving away, the service to be performed by Yoda and a Stormtrooper guard of honour or some such (ewoks would be too short? Smiling ). Lots of other details I've thrown at them but, for some reason, they aren't too excited by the idea...not sure why? Uhhuh Big Grin

Maybe a Lord of the Rings theme would suit them better but they may spend the rest of their lives fighting over who should get the 'one ring'?

What about a RotE theme! I may have to renew my own wedding vows... P

Back to the topic at hand...currently listening to the two-way after a fire has been put out on our property and another five are waiting to be dealt with for our neighbours. The last three nights have been very, very long... Sleeping
Terribly off topic, yes... but also terribly fun... Idea is indeed quite excellent...
Currently listening to Queens Of The Stone Age...they rock!
If I have to have it in my head until the New Year, I insist that all of you do, too - enjoy! P

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