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'thul listened to numerous choirs today. It was quite nice, even if they were all in various states of drunkenness...
A Boobook Owl calling
Ianva - Italia: ultimo atto!

An Italian band playing music that lies between 30s cabaret, neofolk and Ennio Morricone

Ianva - Luisa Ferida
Ianva - In battaglia
Ianva - La ballata dell'ardito
Ianva - Tango della menade
Ianva - Amsterdam (Jacques Brel cover)
Rome - Masse, Mensch, Material

Luxemburgian neofolk, very good album!

Rome - Die Brandstifter:
Rome - Wir Moorsoldaten:
Rome - Das Feuerordal:
'thul are currently listening to this:
Bohren & Der club of gore - Dolores

Don't be alarmed by the bandname: this is loungy jazz. Very relaxing album.

I've been listening to a lot of Celtic Woman lately, both the group and the individuals' solo works. I'm particularly liking Hayley Westenra at the moment,
Mervi, do you know the Mediæval bæbes or Miranda sex garden? Both have Celtic influences (although MSG is more madrigal-oriented, especially on their first a-capella album).
No, I'd never heard about them. Thanks for the tips, joost! Smiling
I love Spotify! I found The original motion picture soundtrack for Disney's the Lion King... in Finnish! I still know the lyrics by heart. *is thirteen* My best friend and I were obsessed with this movie, and we both bought the soundtrack CDs - one in English and the other in Finnish so we could make copies for each other (c cassettes Clapping) - mine was the original and so it's been ages since I've listened to the translation. Oh the golden days! Wub
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