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That, nuytsia, almost seems like a direct copy of the view the beings known as 'thul have acquired over the past many years.
I listen to whatever I feel like hearing at the time being. Sometimes it's old popular standards, electronica, classical, pop/rock, etc. I play music most of the time but other times I just want silence.

Most of the time I pick up new music by association whether it be from a film, something I read, a snippet from the radio, or just by stumbling around links online. I don't consider myself very 'in the know' when it comes to music.

Right now on itunes, Ella Fitzgerald's rendition of These Foolish Things:
I love Ella Fitzgerald! Mack the Knife, Lady is a Tramp, Get Happy, Puttin on the Ritz, The Very Thought of You, the list goes on!!!!

I like things I can sing along to, and her stuff suits me very well.
Well, yesterday some other being made these beings listen to this song, while thinking of a man walking down a hallway towards you, carrying a (bloodied?) axe...

Is not the imagery that combination brings up just lovely?
Not so much 'are' but more 'are going to': This weekend is concert weekend!

Tonight I will go to Porta Nigra, a festival with 5 bands:
Spiritual front - Kiss the girls and make them die
Ordo rosarius equilibrio - Songs 4 hate & devotion
In slaughter natives - Still just only death
Raison d'être - Falling twilight
Empusæ - Ekro-Alakin

And on sunday I will go to a concert of one of my 80s-idols: Kim Wilde!
Kim Wilde - Cambodia
Kim Wilde - View from a bridge
Kim Wilde - Love blonde
In a bit over a month (on april 30th) 'thul will be a guard at a concert by this band:
It is highly unlikely anyone here has heard about that band.
Oh, WOW, I hope you have a fantastic time, joost! As soon as I read "Kim Wilde", 'Kids in America' began looping in my head! The 80s...*sigh*...those were the days, my friends!! Dance

I remember you being guards at a concert once or twice before, 'thul beings...this makes a lot more sense now that I know you are all male! Big Grin
It should not make too much of a difference. Over half the student community guard force is female.
I usually comment more than contribute so here are a couple of the songs that I've been listening to this evening. Graeme Connors is a North Queenlander who has not only written/recorded his own works but has also written many award-winning songs for other Australian artists eg Slim Dusty.

Graeme puts on a fantastic live show but, I must admit, I absolutely hate the clip here for 'A Little Further North'...smoking in a music clip about beautiful North Queensland...why Graeme, why?! Undecided

Graeme Connors ‘Cyclone Season’ -
Graeme Connors ‘A Little Further North’ -

Yes, 'thul...I thought only after I posted that my comment re male vs female guards may be construed as being somewhat sexist! Ouch There is certainly no reason why there shouldn't be female guards!! I guess I can't see myself in the role so must confess that I have the utmost respect for those females who are!! Ones such as Lacey and Hod would be mortified...sorry ladies! Blushing
Before becoming guards themselves and learning what it was all about, the beings known as 'thul would have thought that the greater majority would be male. In a place where people do not behave and end up in fights frequently, brawny guards like this one would be needed:
[Image: 51996-21221.gif]

But in a well-run place, guards that know how to deal with boisterous drunk people, anyone can do it... and quite often, the female guards are more effective. (usually it works best to have guards of the opposite gender do it). Should anyone start hitting the guards, they will quickly be subdued, both by the other guards and by helpful guests, and of course if they do not stop, be put in handcuffs and handed over to the police... But that has yet to happen in the last couple of years at least, fortunately...

If you use the right methods, you do not really need much brawn to put anyone down on the ground. Just try squeezing about 2cm on your hand 1cm outwards from your thumb between your thumb and pinky. You should feel somewhat of intense pain. Combine that with a quick movement of the arm from in front to the back, and anyone will really want to lay down on the ground... (these beings got it demonstrated to them (and on them) by a police officer during guard training... three seconds or so after it was begun, they were on the ground...)

anyways, back on topic... what'd you think of that whistling song these beings posted six or so posts upwards?
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