Full Version: City of dragons (spoilers)
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Ooooh sorry I haven't been around much, it's been hectic here since Christmas! I'm so excited for April now it's unbelievable!! I must admit I also clicked on the spoilers I just couldn't help myself!! Blushing
Just got my e-book copy all downloaded and I'm off to the couch. Big Grin YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
still tagged as "processing" on BookDepository for 'thul. Most strange. Hopefully it'll be sent out today and arrive in a few days. In the meantime, a re-read of LST & RWC is in progress...
Is there only me waiting until April? I'm sorely tempted to have a look elsewhere for the US edition. Though ultimately, it all depends on cost Undecided
These beings care not enough about various covers to wait months extra. It means longer wait from CoD to BoD, but that is actually tolerable.
It's not about covers with me either. I do suspect it's gonna cost me more to purchase the books from overseas however, and some costs just can't be justified at the moment, regardless of how much I want (need!) the item!
these beings paid about equivalent of 18-19 euros for it, ordered overseas. no shipping costs.
Unfortunately it has not been sent out yet, despite order being placed on Friday.
These beings are most pleased now. TheBookDepository says the book has been dispatched now.
Perhaps it was delayed because of the need to make sure regular paper editions would not arrive before the official release last night?

Now, how to start and finish reading two book in the span of a couple of days?
I wanted to give a brief synopsis of my reaction so far. I'm about 3/4th of the way through the book. Smiling

I cancled my US-HC-edition at Amazon, because I got some gift certificates for chrismas and birthday from a "normal" bookshop, which I want to redeem first. They told me that CoD should be with me in 2 days. Which is now 5 days ago and it didn't arrive yet Down. I really wonder if I have to wait until april for the UK edition, although the bookshop said, it's available. But it's a small bookshop, which certainly has not much experience with english books.
(Anyway, I've decided to wait with reading until BoD is released too, so that I can read the story up to the end. Although I doubt, I will be able to wait until 2013. But at least I will try.)
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