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Mellow the Minstrel

City of Dragons excerpt

HarperVoyager has posted a PDF file of the prologue for the upcoming third Rain Wild Chronicles novel City of Dragons. So head over to their site to have your sample of what's to come!

The US hardcover edition of City of Dragons will be out February 7th and you can preorder it for example from or The ebook should be available the same day. And if you'd like to own a signed copy, visit the Signed Page.
The UK hardcover edition will be out April 23rd (,
^ This link just takes you to thePlenty's main news page and you have to then click the HarperVoyager link from there. To save you the trouble, here's the link to the HarperVoyager page (which says that there will be another chapter coming in the next week or so Clapping ) and here's the link to the pdf excerpt. Thanks HarperVoyager!!! Yay Slurp

EDIT: Though I think that I'm going to refrain from reading even this just yet...just in case one of my yet-to-be-shared theories is confirmed or denied in there will be a little late to share them then! It's 2:45pm on January 19th here...let's see how long I can last without clicking that link...! P
Those few weeks is short enough to wait with reading such chapter. These beings want the whole thing, not a single chapter.
(Jan-19-2012, 10:09 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]Those few weeks is short enough to wait with reading such chapter. These beings want the whole thing, not a single chapter.

I feel exactly like These beings. I'm getting much too nervous, reading those "appetizers", before the book is in my hands.
I made the mistake reading one of Joost's spoilers of BoD und am now really

Now what would compel you to make such mistake?

Making (potentially tempting) spoilers like that is just cruel...

Now what to do to joost....

*starts writing a list of things*

*grins at joost*
To read or not to read? That is the question. I've avoided the spoilers, but surely the prologue won't do any harm..
hmm... seventy daggers to the chest is generally deadly... surely one cannot do much harm?
I read it and it did no harm. P
It's not like you're reading a random unfinished chapter from the middle of the book. It's the Prologue! It's what you'll be reading next, anyway. Might as well read it now! Innocent

That's my perspective, anyway. I've already read the Sample-Chapter from Book 6 of ASOIAF that's on Martin's website and it has gotten the theory-wheels turning, and that's my favorite part. Smiling

*skips off to read the Prologue*

Thanks for the link!!! Slurp
Patience... its a virtue...

oh, and its a lady.
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