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Since its almost release time for City of dragons in English (it be tomorrowish), these beings feel that it might be a nice time to edit stuff into the wiki and make it possible for more to do so.
'thul cannot access the wiki right now, as the account hasn't worked in a long time, and account creation is impossible to do on the wiki itself. (it be giving error message if one tries)

Might it be possible to fix such? There are many articles that could use improvement even without the next book... With it, there would be even more articles to update...

today, 'thul wanted to add in names of the various liveships to the article about such. It would be interesting to know just how many such ships there are/were...

only the Vivicia, Ophelia and Paragon are mentioned in the current article... there's others that could also be named, like goldendown, Tinester, kendry and several others exist(ed)... it'd be nice to make such list available to the curious... (how many of you recall the Tinester?)
I don't recall Tinester at all. My only excuse is that I've read LST once and so didn't pay enough attention. P

He is named a few times, all in the space of a few paragraphs. Most likely, no more than a few of the traders recall him, and many such met him. (unless of course he died generations earlier)
'thul, what sort of an error do you get if you try to create a new account?
This one:

Login error
There was either an authentication database error or you are not allowed to update your external account.

That was through this page:

'thul intentionally avoided using the ' in name. The account you set up long ago for them is apparently unavailable (that one was named "Thul") The name attempted this time was "Those beings" (creative, isn't? *sarcastic look*)
Having no other place to note it down, 'thul will use this thread... This information is fit for the Wiki if refined and rewritten. found about 2/3rds into Mad Ship.

These beings came across identities of two more liveships while re-reading Mad Ship.

Winsome - Trader Larfa, unknown gender of ship.
Sea Rover - Trader Ashe is apparently of its family. Also unknown gender, though a vague feel from its name says male figurehead.

Indications from passage is that there are a lot more liveships than one might think. Just at the time of Paragon's relaunch, there were people from that ship as well as a half-dozen others in the Bingtown harbor. Taken from this, it would indicate that there were quite many liveships.
Sorry if it seems like nagging, but have you figured out anything about what could be the cause of the error, Mervi?

If you cant find a solution, might it be possible to change the password on the account named " Thul " (no special characters or anything, just four letters) to something so that login might be possible again?
These beings would naturally have tried using a forgot password thingy to save you work, but it seems this wiki script has no such thing, so that is not possible.
'thul, I'm not sure how long it would take Mervi to address this (possibly a pm would serve you better as far as attention-grabbing goes also, or I could try and make contact for you if you'd like?) but, as a short-term fix, would you be interested in logging on to the wiki using a dummy identity for the time being? Once this all gets sorted out, I can just change that identity's password and you can just log on into the wiki as you beings? EDIT: Of course, you can most likely still use 'thul as your signature when signing off on what you're doing? END EDIT

I have just checked and 'Dutiful' is easily able to log into the wiki with no problems so I would be happy to pm you the details for 'him' if you like? I created him within the forums to help Clarity register after she was having problems, but he could be just as useful for you to access the wiki?

Up to you... Flowers ...and sorry I did not think of it until now.

EDIT: I'm heading off for a very full day/night on the road tomorrow so will pm you Dutiful's details anyway and that way you won't have to wait for me should you choose to become him within the wiki for short time. If you don't, I'll just change the password on my return. Smiling END EDIT
I found you guys through the wiki and, upon introducing myself, mentioned how sad I was that the page for Kennit was so devoid of information, lol.

I've been meaning to update it but totally haven't. Ouch
These beings also noticed this place from the wiki, browsing for several days before registering and replying to threads.
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