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Mellow the Minstrel

City of Dragons Launch - Livestream

On Tuesday, February 7th at 7pm (10pm EST), Robin will be officially launching the third volume in the Rain Wild Chronicles, City of Dragons, from the University Book Store in the U district of Seattle, Washington (at 4326 University Way NE).

If you can't make it to the event, you can still listen in to the reading via a Livestream and you may even be able to ask Robin a question. RSVP to the event via the link and you will receive an email reminder prior to the Livestream and also again when it begins. This is particularly handy if you (like me!) don't operate under the same timezone or live in the region of the US.

To find out more about the Livestream, or to leave a question for Robin, please visit the HarperCollins Blog or swing by the Eos Facebook page.


EDIT: have added in the links to this. Flowers

EDIT: Gah! The link to the HC Blog seems to not be working on the main page now...will go back and update that...
Seems it'll be released at 0200, February 8th in the central European timezone. 0100 on the 8th for Britain.
Going on the time Robin gave for Washington (7pm), it should be on here in Queensland around 1pm tomorrow (Wednesday). I initially thought it was 10am and nearly would prevent me from listening at that time (so here's me crossing my fingers and touching wood that it really is 1pm!!).

You should be right 'thul may well have been up then anyway?! Hopefully you're not on your shift fool-ish!
these beings are unsure if they will be up at such hour, as they have classes from early morning wednesday... If it were early thursday instead of early wednesday, they would be up, as they would probably still be on watch duty at the student community, making sure their fellow (and at that time, drunken) students were behaving themselves.
(Feb-07-2012, 10:22 AM (UTC))Mellow the Minstrel Wrote: [ -> ]EDIT: Gah! The link to the HC Blog seems to not be working on the main page now...will go back and update that...

No idea what's with the link but it works each time it's inserted but then can't be found once it's clicked on when published. Surrender

These beings now posted a few questions for the live stream... it'll be interesting to see if any of them are answered...
My post on the main news page is gone! Blink Surrender

These beings saw it was missing, and found that odd...
As much as I'd like to be, I doubt I'll be up at that time. These time zones are a pain in the proverbial at times! One is miffed! Mad

For those who do catch it though, enjoy! Smiling
These beings are pondering whether to catch it. waiting 2hrs 20min more for might be hard, but then, SoD is an addictive book...
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