Full Version: A song of Ice and fire discussion (spoilers incl A Dance with Dragons)
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There is another potential dragon, buried at summerhall. Its egg belonged to Aegon V, who died trying to hatch it.

The time passed between last two books is zero to some, since good part of ADWD occurs same time as AFFC.

It does seem like a competition in the red priesthood to find that Azor Ahai.
As for the lack of land bridge, that is irrelevant. Ever heard of the Fimbulwinter?
That is 4 entire years of unceasing winter. The oceans freeze enough that anyone can walk across them. A similar thing is being built up to in ASOIAF. It has been the longest summer on record, and when summer is long, the following winter is equally long.
If you then bring in the fact that ASOIAF seasons last years to begin with, you'll get a winter long enough for children to grow up never knowing anything but winter.
wikipedia is actually a fairly good place to read up on mythology, as is encyclopedia mythica.

The recent succes of the tv series and the sales boost of the books have caused the publishers to issue a number of new hardcover editions of ASOAF. Following the deluxe hardcover reprints, we now get a somewhat cheaper edition from Voyager. These are, indeed, beautiful, and I'm planning on buying these to replace my old paperbacks. I've got a sick amount of gift money still lying around, and this is the perfect opportunity to spend it.

The reprint of Tuf Voyaging has apparently been pushed back to 2013 and will also get a new hardcover, with some really weird cover art:

[Image: 51Q4r9aWJoL._SS500_.jpg]
My paperback copies of the first three books have these covers but with different colour backgrounds.
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