Full Version: A song of Ice and fire discussion (spoilers incl A Dance with Dragons)
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Nope, I wouldn't be surprised at all! This is partly why I like ASoIaF, the uncertainty of everything. Elsewise, the humour and depth of the characters make it thoroughly enjoyable, especially this second time round. A little bit of happiness for one or two characters would be nice, however! Undecided
Some characters thrive best without it, a moral GRRM seems to stick to.
Feel free to comment the notes in 'thul's thread about their story project. It would be nice if it did not just feature posts by 'thul themselves.
Yes, but not all...I can think of a few who deserve some happiness in their lives!

One of the current main character in 'thul's story had a hard time growing up... lost entire family and tribe at age 9, adopted but scorned for three years after that, and a few things like that. At current stage in story, she's been given happiness.

There's one character that looks to have gotten a bit of well-deserved happiness in aSoIaF. Rickon Stark. At least of GRRM lets him get down to the home of Howland Reed.
Oh good...a story with some happiness, before the end!
Considering what they'll probably end up being put through (if they comply with the master plan of course, which they have not done so far), they deserve it.
(Feb-19-2012, 11:14 PM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]'thul would not be surprised if GRRM keeps eye on the more common theories out in the internet community and actively writes to shatter them.

GRRM makes it a point to stay AWAY from all internet boards concerning his books. He doesn't want to know or be influenced by any theories floating around.

Of course, through conventions and whatnot he has heard of the R+L=J theory, but... the other ones, I'd be surprised if he DID know.

y'know... its not nice to poke holes in paranoid theories...
I'm still wondering who will be the other 2 heads of the dragon, Who do you think and with what dragon??
(Feb-20-2012, 01:27 AM (UTC))Gielske Wrote: [ -> ]I'm still wondering who will be the other 2 heads of the dragon, Who do you think and with what dragon??

Oh man I have so many different theories on this. Magic

Of course, since I think Jon Snow is half Targaryen, one theory is that he'll be a dragon-rider... Dany a dragon rider (of course) and Tyrion the 3rd dragon rider. Why Tyrion? Because whenever you hear about dragons in this story, from the very beginning, it's always been through Tyrion. He reads books about Dragons, he knows more about them than anyone alive, and he can make special saddles!

I'm a little iffy about Jon Snow being a rider now, post-book-5. I think, since he will be Azor Ahai (another theory for another time, lol), he won't be a dragon rider.

It was riddled that Dany would marry again.. and I don't count the Mereen guy.. so perhaps this mystery person will be the 3rd head.

One of my friends theorizes that Dany will be 1 head, the dragon she's riding will be the 2nd... and Bran will be the 3rd once he's warged in to a dragon. Stirring

Ever since Martin has said that the ending will be bittersweet, I just am not even 100% sure that the dragons will ever make it to the Wall, anymore. Nothing is certain when he's behind the pen (typewriter), eh? Alls I know is: I can't wait!!

If you guys haven't been here, I highly recommend it. The ESSAYS and theories and just wonderfully written and well thought out.

note: once you click in to an essay you have to set your "Books-Read" threshold in order to even see the essay entry. Smiling
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