Full Version: A song of Ice and fire discussion (spoilers incl A Dance with Dragons)
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The character that confuses me most is Melisandre. She appears to be a false priestess with genuine power (strange enough) and I can't figure out her angle. What exactly is she trying to achieve and who is she working for? Is her Lord of Light the same as Dondarrion's? Does the Lord of Light exist at all or is he just a face given to a raw resource of power that can be tapped by anyone? It seems that the return of dragons has reawakened fire magic in a host of different forms (the red priests, pyromancy, the obsidian candle, etc.) but is there any purpose behind all of this power? What is so special about the blood of kings when kings can be appointed and deposed so easily? There is something here that I am not getting. Hopefully A Dance with Dragons will clarify things.
Maulkin, I get a lot of my questions answered at They're a great GRRM resource.
Maulkin these are good questions to which I have no answers!
Heheeh, as you say, hopefully All Will Be Revealed (or at least Some)

When I read the Robin Hobb books I noticed quite a few little details that were very similar to things in ASOIAF (and no doubt it was easy to make a connection, when RH was recommended to me by GRRM's blog)

I doubt any of these are spoilers for plot as such ....... but they do reveal snippets so don't read on if you don't want to know stuff about all RH (except DK and DH) or GRRM ASOIAF............

The spy corridors that Chade uses instantly reminded me of Varys in ASOIAF spying on people in the same way (hmmmm who is it that finds this out, I think maybe Tyrion??? says something about 'so much for his little birds' or some such)
BUT this may have just been a fact of medieval castles ........ so not really something one got from the other ......

Ok they both seem to have a thing for wolves........

In ASOIAF Patchface is a fool who makes prophecies (ok nothing at all like The Fool but ...... he is A fool)

Hmm now I can't remember the others - anyone????
I actually think there were some things in the Solider Son trilogy ,,,, hmmm
I was interested to read GRRM's blog entry on the final of Suvudu cage match, where he indicates that Rand couldn't draw on his power past a certain point due to no more being available in that part of the world at that time, and the indication that some parts of Westeros have more latent magic than others.
I know this was just a write up for fun, but if it's 'true', would that have something to do with the different degrees of success which occur when magical type things are attempted?

I'm thinking of Melisandre trying to create/conjure dragons.......whereas..... Dany's dragon eggs actually hatching .....

Re Maulkin's post, I guess this would be assuming the Lord of Light *doesn't* exist .....

On a separate topic re Suvudu comments by GRRM - he had Jaime mention including the Hound in those fighting with him. Does that mean GRRM is admitting he's not dead? (or did I miss something and what that already admitted in FFC?)
I don't think continuity is that much of an issue when it comes to those cage matches. That being said...

By the way, I find it amusing that while GRRM is opposed to fan fiction, these cage matches have him engaging in what is basically Cross-over fan fiction.
Yes I agree, we cannot take it as gospel, it was just that it seemed to be implied in Suvudu that characters were 'as we last saw them' (eg Jaime has one hand). I don't think it is meant as a definite statement by GRRM that the Hound is alive though.

Thanks for posting that info from FFC! That seems quite convincing. I did read FFC back when it first came out, and I had either not picked up fully on that OR totally forgotten it.

Re fan fiction - is GRRM opposed? Interesting! I was wondering that a while back when I read he was involved in that book of stories by other authors set in the world of Jack Vance Apparently that's a 'tribute anthology' NOT fan fiction Dodgy
I decided to split the fanfiction discussion so you guys can keep talking about ASOIAF here. Smiling
About this splitting - I do understand the intent behind it, but isn't the point of discussions that they evolve?

To keep on topic, what are you guys feelings on the upcoming tv series? Everyone around is jumping joy it seems, but I find that I don't like it. Mind you, I haven't seen the series yet, and it looks like they're really putting some effort into it (Like making up a Dothraki language a la Klingons in Star Trek), but it doesn't feel right.

I am searching for words on how I feel, but once again Robin Hobb has done it better. For the sake of some pretense of brevity I'm hiding the book to movie rant in spoiler tags.

"And in years to come, the movie supercedes the book. Eventually, there is a generation of readers who ‘know’ the book without ever having opened its covers. Or they think they know it. And to me, that is the saddest loss. Because readers who think they’ve already experienced a book via a movie are less likely to seek out the original book." That is the single most useful quote for summarizing my feelings. The books are dear to my heart and I would hate any tv series to replace them, no matter how good that series is.
I am looking forward to the TV series, but just as something fun, not as something that will necessarily enhance the books. There's really no way you could replicate what is contained in the books in a TV series and I guess what would be the point of trying?
I do hope it will still be a worthwhile thing to watch though. I mean let's face it, it COULD go horribly wrong. I don't mind movies that are just loosely based on books if they do something great and innovative, but if they depart wildly from the books just to make it more sort of mainstream hollywood then yuk! That better not happen to GoT!!!

I don't know about Robin's worry that a movie will supercede a book in popularity, thus stopping people from reading the book. I didn't know there was a book on which The Wizard of Oz is based, but I doubt I would have known that even if there hadn't been a movie. Surely sometimes seeing a movie makes people want to read the book. Although with some books it would certainly be a shame to find out the plot before reading it!
I'm a bit nervous about the TV series, because of the disaster that is The Legend of the Seeker. I'm sure ASOIAF's TV series will turn out much better than The Sword of Truth series. HBO has a history of making some great shows, and no other channel would be able to give full tribute to the raw real of a GRRM book.
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