Full Version: A song of Ice and fire discussion (spoilers incl A Dance with Dragons)
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There are a few minor changes to plot, but thankfully they're not the sort found in foul products like the Eragon movie.

The changes are of the sort that do not break the continuity of the story.
That is a relief to hear, as I was quite happy with season one and I didn't want to it plummet after that. Smiling
If anything, most of the changes are of the sort that result in better quality. Enhancing elements that work better in movie form than in book form.

These beings have only one word to say on that area, one that is linked to one of the changes.

Ahhh I see, I see... Wildfire, eh ? Well now. Consider me intrigued. P
That was the goal.
Other than Asha (Yara) and Jeyne Westerling (Talisa).. the only other name-change I've noticed is Vargo Hoat. While he still has a lisp, he is called Llocke in the show and is a bannerman of Roose Bolton. I think it needed that twist in order to make a few other minor plot points work for TV.

I've found that Season 3 is, by far, the best so far. They've stuck pretty true to the books other than a few minor plot changes, as the 'thul beings mentioned... and the actors have REALLY come in to their characters. Smiling
yes. they are very much sinking into their characters by now. Too bad a few of them are about to die. (the current progression is nearing the Red Wedding)

There's no hiding that these beings have one single favorite character above the others in that series. Arya. She's got just so lovely a personality...

"Who is your god?" "Death."
I did quite like the choice of actors for each character, I can't remember having a problem with any of them Smiling
I think Sean Bean especially was a good choice, he would've been losing his head about getting that role I imagine... uh, What I mean to say is, his acting always finds its target like an arrow.. uh, nevermind.

Who else thinks Sean Bean dies far too often ? :p

Ah, I must admit I found early Arya difficult to read through, but I later on she became a favourite Smiling
Personally though, I have to say my thoughts are always on the wall, despite the nasty politics and their efforts to sway me. Littlefinger always manages to surprise me, infact that's the only consistent with him it seems :p
hmm.. yes... Sean Bean does have a tendency to collect arrow and axes in all the wrong ways...

BEWARE; Some scenes are traumatically sad. :c
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