Full Version: A song of Ice and fire discussion (spoilers incl A Dance with Dragons)
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Talk about your delayed reaction, but


Just thought I'd better post that at some stage........
I decided to buy the hardcover after all.
far too long wait, eh?
Kinda sorta related: apparently we're getting a reprint of Tuf Voyaging next year. This is a collection of short stories by GRRM following the character Haviland Tuf, who is command of his own eco spaceship. I have always felt that the lack of this book was a major gap in my GRRM collection, so hopefully I'll be able to remedy that in 2012.
And this one is definitely related: We're getting a Dunk and Egg collection, you know, those prequel tales 90 years before the main series? This is good news. I know what anthologies I can find those stories in, but I'm usually not all that interested in anthologies. Besides, it will be nice to have them in one place.

And now I have to get back to ADWD...
I got my copy of ADWD today! A few chapters in and I can't help but keep relating it to RotE.

I got 'The art of George R.R. Martin's A song of ice and fire volume 2' in the mail today. Almost 200 pages of art inspired by ASOIAF. There are some real gems in this book!
I can't believe it's out AND I don't even have it yet ...... the longer I can hold out the shorter the wait will be for the next one .... hehehe!
Hi everyone, I'm back from vacation and I finished ADWD about a week ago while vacationing in Germany. On the whole, I enjoyed the book as usual, but I am slightly disappointed with the lack of story progression - I had expected a little more in that regard. It does, however, end with a bout of action followed by some fairly intense cliffhangers.

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