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If the short story segments work out in the grand sum of events, not being contradictory or anything, they will effectively make up chapter(s)... Also, you can be pretty sure that if you have a several-page description of some character, the minute you really start using it something will have to be changed.

'thul have designed the various species with defined gestation periods, and it quickly turned out that the first planned gestation for the Edddekin did not work out. at first it was 180 days or 70+80 days, then 170+50, in the end, it changed to 170+120. For the split numbers, the ones before plus sign are in womb and the ones after are in egg sacks. A bit strange, but it has to be with arachnid-mammal mix.
These beings figured that they might as well continue using this thread...

Having been tired of how the map did not quite fit the needs they had for the story, 'thul decided to draw another map of the world for the story. Its less than half-done so far, but it is a start... This time it covers greater area and is open for more easy expansion later, as it shows an entire continent as well as several rather large islands.

This map even has a few colors, like blue for water, green for forests, red for larger settlements, etc... What do you people think of it so far?

Some later plans for it include more settlements, perhaps additional forests, borders between territories, stuff on the islands and so on.
Looks good to me! Clapping
Thanks, Farseer...

It would appear that these beings got a bit further on it than expected on this day...

It also proved inconvenient to stick all details on a single map, so 'thul are considering sticking things like borders and names on another sheet of mapping paper.

A basic key:
Red star = large city
Red X = small city
Red dot = smaller settlement, larger than mere household farm
orange-circled red star = ancient ruined city
Yellow = farmland
Light green = grassland
Brown = mountains & large hills
Dark green = Forest
Blue = rivers, lakes and ocean
The first thing Kim (form the Newsgroup) and I did when we met up here in Sydney was walk into a store that sold prints that included heritage maps. I think 'works in progress' are just as amazing as the end results...if not more so. Thanks for sharing. Smiling
No problem. these beings also agree upon that fact. A work in progress followed by near-end result is quite useful for showing how things change...

There were quite a few mountains that moved around from the old map to this one... Not to mention rivers and coastlines...

This map ought to have fewer of the inconsistencies present in the old one...
These beings decided to (on a whim of sudden writing) work on another story segment, mostly unrelated to the ones already written, but which has shown quite a bit of potential for further expansion...

The primary character (the narrator-ish) is intentionally unnamed. He has a name, but its not given there. It was intriguing to write from the point of view of a methodical, fairly evil and moderately disgusting villain. What do you think of the segment?

These beings made a rudimentary map of the various regional territories and such, with each colored region defining the "domain" of one group from each side in that world. It is not perfect, but it ought to cover things fairly well.
These beings have made the map fully digital now. Though not quite done, the map of the different domains/control zones has changed quite a bit in the process.

Some of the former zones made no sense. The Packs roam through the entire forests, having no set borders between each pack. The nomadic tribes don't have any borders at all. They roam everywhere, moving with the seasons, winds and whims.

link to image:

Comments on this or the last few posts?
and two more versions of the map.
link with territories marked
link without territories marked

The newest changes are the addition of cities and ruins, as well as making the whole terrain more realistic-looking through adding hills and some indications of depth.
'thul also added a key for the different symbols used.
Your story looks great!!! When shall we have an other little part of it??
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