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The 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world:

The #1 bookstore (Selexyz Dominicanen in Maastricht) is about 20km from where I live and I've never even been there....
These beings only liked the 1st and 4th on that list.
I like #7 too. And the reading circles in #8 look really great too (the rest of the store less). #11 could be great but looks too cluttered.
Oh wow! I was in seventh heaven just looking at those pictures! The 1st and the 4th were spectacular, the 6th was my idea of heaven...books and a glass of wine!

The nearest one to me was Alnwick, and then it's a good 4 hours away. They used Alnwick Castle in the Harry Potter films (a bit of useless info, but thought I'd share anyway P) I'd love to work in a book store, though as they're few and far between these days, I don't hold out much hope for my dream job.

I was wondering at the one in Amsterdam. Why is it called The American Bookstore when it's in the Netherlands??
(Feb-19-2012, 03:00 PM (UTC))Gielske Wrote: [ -> ]I was wondering at the one in Amsterdam. Why is it called The American Bookstore when it's in the Netherlands??
It was started by two Americans.
Hey, where' my reply.? It's lost, although I saw it a minute ago.

So, again: I like no. 1 because of this very special atmosphere (almost from Harry Potter) and no. 14 (Bart's books in California) best. It's simply a dream sitting outside, with coffee or wine (absolutely!) and looking through masses of books. Smashing!
Although I have to admit that I am a great Amazon fan. Excellent service, shortest delivery-time etc. I simply don't have the time to visit bookshops and spent a lot of time there very often, although I'd love to do it.
By the way - I'm still waiting for City of Dragons, which I ordered in a bookshop in town. They told me, I should be with me in max. 2 days. That was 10 days ago Mad.
Oooh, I love the stairs & rolling carts in #3. And #6 is just amazing. It's almost like a cafe with books... which is the best. Coffee + wine + books under twinkling lights and a gorgeous panoramic view through glass? Yes please!!

Ah, yes.. #10. Green stuff + coffee shop and books.

Oh man!!!! And #11!!! I could get lost in there in my tiny nook reading book upon book for hours. What a great little place with so much character!
These are beautiful, but I must say that what I find most beautiful is a well-stocked used bookstore. Wub
I can't load the photos due to my slow connection...give me another eight or nine days and then I can comment here! P
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