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By random chance and accident, 'thul discovered just why and how they appear.

When a post appears twice, split by a single line
it is because it has been submitted twice. So in other words it isn't so much a bug as it is a feature acting in an unexpected fashion.

this post, linked below here, as you may see is split by a horizontal line.
Its post time is 08:58. That much is true. For the part above the horizontal line.
The part below it, was submitted at around 09:25.

The forum, seeing a double-post from a single user within a certain timeframe, did not like that, so it merged the two posts, dividing them internally by using a horizontal line. A most ingenious solution.

Thus the problem that some have faced with duplicated posts, *looks at gielske* is caused by the forum thinking post has been submitted twice and merging those two submissions into one post.
The question to ask is why it interprets your posts as submitted twice. Might you be impatient and click several times to submit? Might your internet be funny, causing forum to think you did that? Might the egg your favorite female dragon laid hatch into two Others instead of one serpent?
I never click twice. And I only have the problem when I use qoute in combination with quick reply.
Then it is probably something technical. Somewhere between your click on your computer and the forum server.
At least why it appears has been discovered, even if issue remains unsolved.
Ah, so you beings did not read my previous posts on the matter? The ones where I said the same thing? P Tsk, tsk, 'thul beings...! Wink
Nope. why should 'thul have done that?
It is far more fun to discover on one's own.

Rather like inventing the spear long after someone else invented it.
'thul... two posts submitted by the same person within a certain timeframe are always smooshed together in to ONE big post with the long line:


What we can't figure out is why Gielske's posts get repeated twice identically only when she's quoting someone.
'thul knows that.
Oh, ok. Blushing

I'm shutting up, then.
Just jumping in to say that I knew that too, and even posted about that too. Big Grin

Ah, so funny P ...I feel like *Farseer Spoiler*

Big Grin
(Feb-21-2012, 03:49 AM (UTC))Farseer Wrote: [ -> ]Just jumping in to say that I knew that too, and even posted about that too. Big Grin

Ah, so funny P ...I feel like *Farseer Spoiler*

Big Grin
Testing to see if this is still happening.

// nope Smiling
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