Full Version: Inside the Skill Pillars? (Spoilers Farseer and Tawny Man trilogies)
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Hi there, I've just finished reading the 6 Farseer books about Fitz, i found this forum because i was searching for an answer that doesn't seem to get explained.

Namely the two occasions when Fitz gets lost in travelling through skill pillars. Once travelling to the others beach and once at the end of the story when he goes missing for a month travelling back from Aslevjal. Both times he has a conversation or is talked to by a female being who eventually sends him on his way home. I've never really been sure who this was supposed to be.

The encounter before the others beach makes me think it may have been the dragon Tintaglia. But the second encounter doesn't give any hints to me. I don't know if its explained in Live Ship traders as I'm yet to read them but is there a theory who its supposed to be? It almost seemed like he was passing into another life so at one point i assumed Hobb was hinting that it was the Goddess Eda who was sending him back. But i'm not really sure?
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Well, to answer you... this may be a bit spoilerish, so its stuck inside one... read at your own peril.
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Well, to answer you... this may be a bit spoilerish, so its stuck inside one... read at your own peril.

Thanks 'thul. I'm going to delve into Liveships at some point. But i will leave the Rain Wilds chronicles until the last book is out.

It appears i drew from the encounters the same conclusions as others have. Making me think that RN left it unexplained but also gave us some pretty big hints Smiling
I agree with Joost, especially since the first encounter seemed to have a maternal/paternal feel to it.
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Goddess Eda... ? Hm, no, I can't get familiar with this idea. She was, as far as I remember, always a concept (I don't know, if that's the right word), but never "real" (I hope, you know what I mean).
I don't think that this being is Tintaglia. All the "normal" skill-encounters that Fitz had with Tintaglia were so very condescending and downright rude.

I always thought of this being as something extra-worldly, something much greater than humans OR dragons. Perhaps the voice of the universe itself, if that makes any sense.

I'm of the mind it was someone/something far more kind-hearted than Tintaglia. She was proper narky with Fitz in those skill dreams! I wonder if we'll ever find out?
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