Full Version: Kettle's game (Farseer and TM spoilers)
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(Mar-07-2012, 12:06 AM (UTC))fool-ish Wrote: [ -> ]Ah, that would be why I can't play chess then...unsophisticated.

That doesn't stop me! I'm playing 24 games on line at the moment...

^ Blink WOW, GO NARYA!!! Clapping

(Mar-07-2012, 01:05 AM (UTC))fool-ish Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar-07-2012, 12:54 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]Playing chess is easy. Its winning that is hard...
They tried to teach me once, I didn't find it easy.

I love chess and have taught it to my children and husband, and been involved in many tournaments and programs over the years. They say that it takes ten minutes to learn the game and a lifetime to master it. Smiling

I registered my sons on the ICC site (at least, I think that's what it's called as I haven't extended this offer to my daughter yet...terrible mother that I am the third time around...and it was many years ago). It was terrific for them to be able to play their friends (they would pick a time and hop on to play against each other, much the same as you might hook up with a friend within Runescape or WoW etc), against other opponents and even sit in on games between masters. The inclusion of a chat box was great...more for games between friends than stangers though.

Each player was also given a rating or ranking, much as what you get when playing the chess circuit, and you could go back over your game and see where you went wrong/record your moves etc. Hm. I might have to look into ICC again and come back and challenge any chess lovers here to a game! Knight

As for "moves", my brain can't get around them even though I can 'teach' them. My eldest son has used the Sicilian Defence since he was about ten years old, and I know it, and he still beats me! Surrender
I may be playing 24 games simultaneously, but I actually only make a few moves a day, and I keep notes to keep them straight. I play correspondence chess at Feel free to come challenge me - sign up is free if you keep to 6 games or less. You can probably guess my username. Big Grin

I'm not a particularly good player, because I'm more interested in having a good time than in winning, hence I lose more than I win. I play better when I flip the board and try to be my opponent, figuring out his best strategy, then flipping back and moving in a way that preempts that move.

There's actually a relief in being in check - it brings such clarity to the game when I have precisely one or two moves available. P
A challenge has been issued... Knight I just have to work out how to use the site! Uhhuh P

Of course, there's also the actual playing still to be done...oh, dear...what have I got myself into?! I never said that I was any good at it either! Ouch

I am far better at cards, and a dab hand at Cluedo...

Er, okay, maybe not. I have issued an open challenge instead...I think. More looking before leaping may be required...!
I'm not bad at Scrabble P I'll leave the chess to you sophisticated people Big Grin
As opposed to being sophisticated, I'd expect that a fellow Aussie would describe me as being "as rough as guts". P

As for Scrabble, my husband is one of the worst spellers you are ever likely to come across (the worst I know!), and yet he beats me in Scrabble every time...and over twenty-one years that's something. It frustrates the heck outta me...! Rant
I just challenged somebody named "Farseer", who joined Red Hot Pawn today. Hope that was you!

Dare I say I also have 6 games of Words with Friends going as well... It's an iPhone or Facebook app version of Scrabble, and my handle is Laureanna. But I only make a few moves a day on that site. Someone whose first language is German and someone whose first two languages are Filipino and Chinese are currently knocking my socks off. But I'm doing pretty well with the Americans. Big Grin

I used to enjoy Clue (aka Cluedo) when I could round up several people to play it.

It was me! P

I will get to accepting very soon. Off early in the morning on another trip across the state for a couple of days, but I will take a netbook with me and hope to find time for a move or two...! Clapping

In the meantime, someone else accepted my open challenge Blink so the outcome of that game will prove interesting as well!
(Mar-08-2012, 05:47 AM (UTC))Narya Wrote: [ -> ]Someone whose first language is German and someone whose first two languages are Filipino and Chinese are currently knocking my socks off. But I'm doing pretty well with the Americans. Big Grin

This made me laugh so hard, hahahah. Big Grin Typical Americans to be completely ignorant of their own language. Dodgy

I'm set to wondering how this online Scrabble business (assuming it's an international set-up) works now, as the spelling of certain words is different in England than in America...the 'useless U' being an example (though I beg to differ that the 'U' is useless P) For example, would I gain points for honour or armour rather than honor or armor? It would be good to know before I jump in with both feet and make a hash of it! Blink

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