Full Version: Kettle's game (Farseer and TM spoilers)
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I was thinking how the strategy game would work that Kettle taught to Fitz in the AQ (the one with the black, red and white stones pulled out of a bag)

When I read the book, my impression was that the game board might have been similar to the Nine Men's Morris (or could be some variant of this board, maybe larger).

Do you have ideas how this game should look like? I am very curious..

These beings seem to recall something speaking of that game as being something Robin Hobb would not create full set of rules and actual pieces for.
I have thought about The Stone Game a lot but have just given it up as 'a mystery'! Smiling I could be very wrong but, as far as I am aware, Robin herself has not ever come up with a true set of rules or outline etc for the just 'exists', and she shares enough with us that we believe that it does so.

This is what is contained in the wiki.

Quote:A game that Kettle taught to Fitz along the Skill-road in Mountain Kingdom to keep him occupied. Also called The Prince's Stones after it was taught to Prince Dutiful by Fitz and he had made it popular among his friends.

It needs some work if anyone is 'game'. Ouch Big Grin

Until now I had never heard of Nine Men's Morris so thanks for that thought, KekPafrany! Slurp

Ah, yes. I thought Robin had mentioned something about the game on her site. This is what she had to say when asked if she could give the rules for it:

Quote:Unfortunately, no, I can’t. The Stone Game is imaginary, a game concept based loosely on Go, Fox and Hounds, and several other old games. I never created a specific set of rules for it, though if I close my eyes, I can see the game cloth in my mind and I know the sort of strategies that I’d want it to have. Someday, when I’m old and retired to a nursing home and have lots of time to myself, I plan to work out all the rules for it. Unfortunately, by that time everyone will consider me a bit barmy and I probably won’t be allowed to have pencils.

EDIT: Just adding a spoiler tag in the thread title. Smiling
And there was I, thinking it was like noughts and crosses Wink

I've never heard of Nine Mens Morris or Go, Fox and Hound, so couldn't compare. Nor can I think of any game that is anything like the stones game. I did try to understand it when I was reading, but failed Undecided
I always pictured something similar to 'Go' when reading about it, but with a 3rd color combination and slight variation.
(Mar-06-2012, 01:48 AM (UTC))Valarya Wrote: [ -> ]I always pictured something similar to 'Go' when reading about it, but with a 3rd color combination and slight variation.

Yes, it reminds me of Go and Othello. Go is as sophisticated as chess (assuming you have sophisticated players P )

Ah, that would be why I can't play chess then...unsophisticated.
Playing chess is easy. Its winning that is hard...
(Mar-07-2012, 12:54 AM (UTC))thul Wrote: [ -> ]Playing chess is easy. Its winning that is hard...
They tried to teach me once, I didn't find it easy.
for basic play, there are few movement types. Its moving the right ones at the right times that can be very difficult. 'thul generally loose more often than they play.
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