Full Version: Hobb Picture Book?
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I was browsing Hobb related forums about a month ago. I am in search of a special birthday gift for a huge RH fan.. I found a thread where an Italian Picture Book was mentioned and also had a link to purchase it.. The book had many positive comments and seemed amazing.. Problem is I have lost the link to the forum...uggggh.. I am new to the RH world but am enjoying both the Series and the community.. Thank you in advance for any help,
Mike in trouble..Smiling
Welcome to thePlenty chaseodc! Slurp

I've not heard anything re an Italian Hobb picturebook BUT, if anyone will know, it will be our super-nice Italian friends over on Blood Memories. BM is a fellow Hobb site which I am happy to say that I am also a member of! P

I am assuming that you are Italian yourself but, if not, and you find it difficult to navigate the site (I can't manage without Google Translate! P ), you can always just send a message to Antebar here - she is a thePlenty member as well as a part of the Blood Memories admin team (known over there as The Fool/Barbara). Smiling

If that doesn't help, you can always join in with those of us over in Robin's Newsgroup and ask Robin herself! Just copy and paste your same thread title and post over there exactly as you did here. Flowers

It would be great to hear from you again so please come back anytime, especially if you *do* find out anything about that book! Thankful Please also say g'day to everyone at Blood Memories for us, if you venture over there. Smiling