Full Version: Age Differences In The Liveship Traders [LST Spoilers Alert]
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*rises from the depths to talk Kennit*

There's that one line from the charm in SOD where he says "You only want Wintrow because he reminds you of yourself at that age, but in reality you were much younger when Igrot dragged you to his bed". So I always figured that by Wintrow's age (then 15), Kennit was either just about to murder Igrot or had just done it, with the better part of his his teens and early twenties devoted to learning how to get along without him.

Which of course would have made him a lot younger (eight, nine maybe?) when Igrot took him away from home.

But of course this is all just guesswork from someone who has a pretty non-canon timeline for Kennit all worked out in her head because she has very little better to do with her time (get a life, Lassie!). Either way canon Kennit is definitely way older than I originally thought he was - for a long time I had him placed at about twenty-five, roughly ten years older than Wintrow.

This is also very belated as I have been missing for years, but welcome to the forum Jaythree! Smiling
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