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Well, we have been waiting for it for some time and it's almost here!! Yay Clapping Slurp No firm date yet (sometime early in 2013) but the RotE-based, 37 000 word novella 'The Willful Princess and the Piebald Prince' is due to come out as an illustrated hardback from Subterranean Press.

Here's a blurb from the SP site but please be warned that there are spoilers aplenty for the story so BEWARE if you don't want to be spoiled.

To pre-order your copy (which I advise that you do to ensure that you get one eg like what happened to others who wanted 'A Fantasy Medley' but didn't get it!), please go to this link. I made sure that I ordered mine before telling the rest of the world about it... Wink Big Grin
Thank you! Ordered mine Smiling.

For those who think 60 dollar is a bit pricey: I received a 50% discount on payment (with Paypal), so if you order fast you may get that discount too!
Nice...if only I'd paid by Paypal!! Crying Smiling
I'm so excited, this one has been a long time in the making! Smiling

I was going to be cheap and go with the trade edition but if there's a 50% discount I might as well get the collectible one... Do you remember joost, at which part of the process did you get the discount? Was there a code you had to use or something?

Looks like there was a glitch in their code earlier that allowed the discount but it doesn't work anymore. Just preordered the trade edition - to be honest the limited one doesn't sound that special to me, especially since I already have signed RH books.

(Going to add this to the main page news & wiki in a bit.)
(Aug-27-2012, 02:07 AM (UTC))Mervi Wrote: [ -> ]Do you remember joost, at which part of the process did you get the discount? Was there a code you had to use or something?
Discount was only visible after logging in in PayPal.

See attachment for proof. Compare te price, shipping costs, and total.
Is the trade edition going to be readily available to buy next year, or is it limited to just a few copies..first up, best dressed and all that? I can't justify spending this amount of money on a book right now, but it goes without saying that it's something I'd dearly love to have. Uhhuh
While there is no figure on the number of copies for the trade edition, I'd say that they will sell quite quickly? What say the rest of you...? Undecided

You could always wait and see and try your luck, fool-ish. Smiling I couldn't justify the purchase myself Blushing , except that I *have* to have it and will sacrifice whatever else I need for the next little while so that I can get it. Anyone need a 'new' aging husband? Whistling

ps I've gotta say that I am more looking forward to reading this than I am BoD, and *that's* saying something!

A great way for those more disposed to Buck to get their fix whilst still journeying up the Rain River. Wink
I will have to try my luck as I honestly don't have the money to spare. If my luck fails, then someone's gonna have to read it to me Wink
No idea how big the trade edition is going to be, but I wasn't ready to risk this will go the way of A Fantasy Medley (last time I checked, people were asking USD200 for the trade editition on amazon marketplace when it was originally something like USD 25). On the other hand, their special editon of the Inheritance doesn't seem to have been as big a success (maybe because by the time they published it, everyone already had a regular copy).
All I can do is wait and see what happens. If I happen to have a windfall in the meantime...
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